Anyone Else Feel This Way?

I love diapers. I love almost everything about them. Wearing them, smelling them, wetting them, messing them, being seen in them, and especially getting changed. It’s such a satisfying thing for me. 

But it’s not an every day thing for me. I’ve noticed that there are some days where I will be rock hard all the time thinking about having a really, really attractive daddy changing my messy diaper, and I’ll wear them constantly around my house and even to school. 
And there there are other times when I feel like I couldn’t be more interested in it. I’m either really busy or I’m just into plain and vanilla sex, which is great, too. 
But I’ve started to feel guilty. I’ve been connecting with guys on this site and a few others and they seem really interested, but for them, the ABDL lifestyle is a full time job while for me, it’s only a pastime and comes and goes. I feel bad because these guys want to get together and have me dressed 24/7, which is fine and great, but I can’t. 
And then I feel bad. Like, I just can’t be all about diapers all the time, because I’m both incredibly busy or not in the mood. And some people don’t understand that. 🙁
I just wish I could find a good person to communicate with online or meet up on the occasion who doesn’t mind that I’m busy and can’t devote my life to them. School and work are first, and then sex. I wish guys would understand this. :/ 

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  1. Hmmm, I guess I feel this way too. I’m not all 24/7 on wanting to do with diapers. I’m kind of 24/7 on being little (in my head) but, sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to be a big boy.

  2. I love diapers too and, like you, am not into them all the time. My interest comes and goes.
    Unfortunately we are far apart in geography and age. Your age doesn’t bother me, but I am far too old for you, so all I can offer is commiseration. Don’t give up. There is someone out there whose interests are the same as yours.

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