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  1. Yes. My girlfriend and I wet the bed together then had some smelly ass play (no poop, just stinky butts).

  2. I went to the beach yesterday and never removed my swim briefs and jammers all day. Even wet them when I got home that evening. I showered with them on to remove salt water and wore them until they dried just before bed. I decided not to wet them but wore the briefs to bed and started the next day by wetting them in the morning!!! I might get used to wetting with my clothes on and do it out of habit sometime when it might be a problem!!! Hmmmmmmmm……..

  3. I just took a nap wearing my Goodnites and peed in them with my Daddy laying right along side me. When he gets up I’ll bet he’s gonna spank me for wetting myself. Little does he know that I’ll like that a lot and then wet myself all over again after he changes my diaper. My Daddy is very good to me.

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