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  1. I found my loving partner through teaching her to enjoy pooping her panties.She works beside me and her bf had dumped her so she was sad and so I invited her to come to dinner with me and mom to cheer her up.We laced the gravy in the beef stew with liquid stool softener which works in 3 hours and of course we all ate it.I felt mine start to work as we sat talking after dinner a couple of hours later and I could see her,Sally,begin to fidget so it was starting to work on her too.Soon after that Sally asked if she could get a ride home.I guessed that she was embarrassed to poop in our toilet.I said I would take her home and we got into my car which has nice plastic seat covers fitted to protect them at all times as I like to poop and pee when I drive sometimes.We set off and of course I did not let her know that I was aware of her strong need to poop so I took her a longer way round and stopped at a view point where we could see all over the Salt Lake Valley.As I stopped the car I hit a switch that immobilized the car to stop it being stolen,so of course when I tried to start it again it would not start.Now she was trapped and desperate to poop with no toilets in sight.She said that she really needed to use the toilet and I let her know that I too was needing them but the car would not start.I phoned mom to say the can would not start,having already told her what I planned so she knew not to rush to help us.I told Sally that mom was going to come.We looked at the view and she said how desperate she was becoming and I told her that if we got too desperate we would just have to poop in our panties and not to worry.
    Well a few minutes later as she was squirming in her seat she gasped and said that a little bit had come out in her panties.That was my cue to stop holding mine and let it start to flow into my panties as I eased up off the seat and pushed.I filled my panties and then lowered my butt down in the seat feeling it all get spread all over my butt.I told Sally that I had filled my panties and she might as we ll go ahead and poop hers too.Sally was shy about doing it but I reached over and rubber her belly and soon she let go and filled her panties too.I started to move my butt around in my seat and told her how nice it felt and got her to move too.I told her that I loved how this felt and when she moved too she liked the warm soft feeling all over her butt.I flicked the switch and was able to start the car,then we drove back to mom’s where mom helped us take off our outer clothing and Sally and I walked into our shower room wearing only panties.We stood under the hot spray and pushed our bulges,spreading it more before cleaning each other with lots of rubbing and stroking as we cleaned the other ‘s butt while they cleaned ours.It was quite intimate and once we were cleaned we both got into my king size bed to sleep.Sally called home to say she would be sleeping over with us so her mom did not worry.
    We both slept naked that night and since we had been so close in the shower we hugged a lot which led to kissing a lot and more stroking which soon led to us both having a lovely orgasm.A few days later Sally said how she had loved it and would I let her stay with me.That was 6 years ago and we have been together ever since.

  2. Debbie, that’s a great story. It Really Turned Me On a lot, I don’t have as good of luck, in my life the three women that I actually pooped my pants in front of in which I pretended was a sheer accident couldn’t handle it. Long story short I also would like to know how to find that special partner. Best of luck to you

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