Any poop holding dudes?

Gassy, poop-holding bate addict and virgin homebody here…I adjusted to quarantine easily because I’ve already lived that way for years. At home eating, fapping, farting, smoking, and playing video games as I “bake” my “loaf” for over a week sometimes. I love feeling my overdue mega-turd tease my hole as putrid farts sneak out around it. Any dudes looking for a lazy, stay-at-home fart loving roommate?

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  1. Yeah I’m pretty good at holding in a big load for a couple of days sometimes longer but I should warn anyone who likes this too that they have a good chance of developing a condition known as a rectal fissure which will leave them with very little to no control whatsoever as to if and when they choose to go to the toilet for a poo. It will simply happen without any prior warning at all and they may have to have surgery to correct the damage and even then it will not always be possible to fix the problem completely if at all depending on the level of damage caused to the sphincter muscles and the muscle tissue of the rectal cavity. This has happened to me twice, once when I was just a little kid and again when I was in my younger teens although to be honest if I had the opportunity I would just like to leave the problem and just use the protective underwear available for such problems and not have to worry about if or when I’m going to crap myself and simply accept that I am going to do so at some point in the day. At least then I can go about my day without any worries about my toileting issues as I’d never be without somewhere in which to go to the toilet whenever I need to do so. So if anyone wants to comment on this topic then please feel free to do so in a reasonable manner. If you have any problems with my views and soon my decision to proceed with my 24/7 wearing and using nappies for whatever reason then again please let me know how you feel about it and why it is you feel that way. Anyway peace to all of those blessed by the grace of God and May all your endeavours be fruitful 😇

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