Any guys near Seattle, Boise, Spokane or Portland for newbie wetting action?

Hey all – I’ve never peed my pants with another guy before – my wife, yes of course – many times.  But my newbie-BI side desperately wants to try this with a guy – I could host easily as I travel all the time and I’m in hotels.  Desperation, tight pants peeing, and I jack you off cuz I’ve never done that with a guy… 

By “newbie” I mean I’ve been Bi since I knew what sex was.  Just never acted on any of it and really ache to go beyond porn and TOUCH another guy.

I think it would be hot to just TOUCH another guy – wet or not…. through your clothes, underwear… desperation wetting to follow (or not!).
Not into naked peeing, pee drinking, poo, anal, oral – just desp/wetting/hand play – maybe kissing, and LOTS of touching.  What does it feel like to touch another guy – his ass, his crotch, his chest – through his clothes at first – or watch him hold his crotch and try not to pee in his pants?  Or make him CUM in his wet pants with my hand? 
I’m fit, nice butt, 6″ cut, decent looking guy 52 yrs – never jacked a guy off before. What better way than to start with desperation and pants peeing together!  I have numerous recent videos here – no secret what I look like and what I enjoy.
PM me if interested or if you’d just like to chat.
NO FEMALE replies – I’m happily married to a woman – but needless to say, my 50% “Bi side” cannot be fulfilled – she’s the love of my life but simply can’t provide this.
WetPNW (Near Seattle – but I cover a wide area on a regular basis.
And if this is the wrong place to post this, please delete and send me a PM

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  1. I am in Portland. Send me a private message. 🙂

  2. Hi,WetPNW, I’m in the general vicinity of Boise, would like to hear from you. Bi male, same age and similar interests.

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