Anthony’s First Monster

We catch up with the two women Amanda and Sabrina a few years later. They both have a kid. Sabrina named her kid Anthony. Amanda named her kid Stephen. The kids are the same age. They often let the kids hang out together at each other’s house and things like that. Both kids soon developed chronic constipation and both had different ways of handling it.
Anthony started to notice that his poop was becoming painful to pass and started to hold it in. Sabrina started to notice something was up but didn’t think it was anything serous until one day she heard him straining in the bathroom one day.
Come on poopy! Come out already! Uuuhhhh! Ow! Ow! She knocks on the door. Anthony honey are you ok in there? My poopy doesn’t want to come out mommy! Sabrina comes in and sees him hunched over and red in the face. She feels bad for him, having gone through the same thing at his age. She kneels down next to him and starts to rub his back and tells him that it’ll all be over with soon. It hurts mommy, it really hurts! I know it does baby, I know. Anthony starts looks like he’s about to cry. Aw sweetie, she says trying to comfort him, I know it really hurts, Poops sometimes don’t want to come out when you want them to. They always did before, he replies frustrated. I know they did baby, I know. Tell you what how about if I call the doctor about this, ok? He nods and gets off the toilet, having produced nothing.
She gets on the phone with her doctor and tells him the story. The doctor recommends giving him an enema made for kids. She then goes and buys one for him. She gets home and tells him that it will help him have an easier time pooping. She shows him what she wants to do and he does it. She inserts the enema and they wait. When the time is up for it to work, he gets on the toilet. I feel it coming mommy! It wants to come out now! He says excited. That’s great honey! She says encouragingly. He starts to push. Uhhhh! Hhhhhuuuunnnn!!! Owwwww! He gets red in the face again. Mommy it still hurts! She sees this and is reminded of her own childhood experiences. Hers wasn’t so good. Her parents would yell at her and tell her she wasn’t trying hard enough to push and that she was just being stubborn. They would blame everything on her when difficult things happened in the family no matter what. Oh baby I’m sorry but there’s nothing more I can do she says feeling helpless as ever. You’re going to have to try and push this one out yourself but I’ll be right here the whole time I promise she says rubbing his back. He starts to cry at this. She hugs him. Sh sh sh there there baby we’ll get through this together I promise. He calms down and tries again, this time harder. Mmmmmnnn! Ow! Ow! The massive turd starts to emerge this time around. He yells the whole time as it inches breath by breath, push by push out of his tiny red ass. A very loud crackling sound is heard every few minutes as he makes ever so small but steady progress with the turd. He stops pushing and starts to cry. Mommy it’s too big! He cries very hard as his ass is stretched to its limits and more than it’s ever been before. She looks at his progress as she tells him to bend over and she sees that it looks like it’s a little less than halfway out to her. She instructs him that on the count of 3 to push and that she’ll take care of the rest and then it’ll all be over with. Promise? He asks half sobbing. Promise she says. Ok mommy he says catching his breath. After he catches his breath and rests for a minute or two she says you ready? He nods clearly scared of the pain he’s about to feel but trusts his mom to make it all better. One…two…three….push! he lets out the loudest yell she’s ever heard a kid make as he pushes with everything he’s got. She grabs the turd in her hand and slowly and carefully pulls it out in sync with each of his pushes until it finally comes out, making a HUGE splash as it hits the water below. I’m so proud of you Anthony! She says congratulating him on his success. He is so out of breath from it all that he doesn’t respond. She washes her hands then wipes him, then washes her hands a second time. He hugs her and says thanks mommy! You saved me, I knew you would! Well you did most of the work honey, mommy just helped you at the very end. I love you mommy. I love you too Anthony. The next time you have to poop and its hard please tell me so I can help you ok? ok I will mommy. They hug each other and continue on with their lives. The end!

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  1. I would love to do that to an adult Anthony (or an adult Sabrina).
    You write great stories.

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