another pee storey

I woke very early this morning with a very full bladder screaming for release.

I decided that I was going to hang on but release a little into my thick boxer shorts.

The first squirt is always the most difficult to stop once it has started, so I had to concentrate quite hard, especially as my partner was in the bed next to me.

I lay on my back with my legs crossed. I put my hand down over my balls and prick and relaxed just enough to let a huge squirt of pee out. I felt it soak into my underwear. it felt great. Laying in this position is not only quiet, but it means most of the pee stays at the front and doesn’t run down the outside of your legs and into the back of the pants.

Time for a second spurt, then a third and forth. it felt really good and I could feel the material getting wetter and wetter, but without soaking the bed. My bladder was feeling better by now and I must have dropped off to sleep for a while.

I woke up as my partner got out of bed. While she was in the bathroom I thought I would check the piss damage. None on the bed but the front of my boxers were well and truly soaked.

Time to put on a second pair of boxers, over the top of the wet ones, of course. Then on with the plastic pants. I was now able to pull on jeans and a top to resume my pissing downstairs while sat at the breakfast table.

I enjoyed about half an hour of spurting piss into my underwear and could feel them getting wetter and wetter as the pee soaked around my arse

My partner went off to work to leave me revelling in the wetness.

When I stood up I decided to have one enormous push to finish off my peeing escapade, but all of a sudden a large squishy turd came to fill the back of my underwear, and I could feel it spreading out sideways. Wow! That was unexpected, but it did feel good

I waddled to the bathroom for a clean-up. I took off the jeans and plastic pants and left on the soaked underwear. In the bathroom mirrors I could see there was barely a dry piece of material left, and then there was a bulging squishy load of poop at the back.

Once in the shower, the water from the shower head made me feel really randy as I washed my balls and up my arse. What I had just done together with the jet from the shower, was making me stiff. A slight alteration of the angle that the water was hitting my prick made me cum within seconds

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  1. I would love to hear of you doing this sometime but not let any out but to describe the holding on as it gets more and m,ore desperate

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