another pee evening

so its been well over a week since I last pissed myself. Actually that’s not strictly true, as this morning, before I got out of bed, I did allow myself to wet my underwear a little before I got up.
When I woke I really needed a piss, and after groping and rubbing myself in an attempt to stop myself pissing, I allowed a few spurts of wee to escape into my cotton undies so that it made all the front wet and shiny.
So this evening, I decided I would set myself up for a wet evening as I had nothing planned other than watching tv. There is something really good about watching tv and allowing yourself to release a spurt of pee every so often. So I have on, three styles of underwear, all made from absorbent cotton
First some grey bikini type pants. these will allow the pee to be very obvious when I take them off later. Next is a pair of black briefs. and the top layer is a pair of black hipster style boxer briefs. Then over the top, my sexy plastic pants. Light denim blue jeans and blue shirt complete my attire.
My plan is to drink a few glasses of wine, have dinner and then settle on the couch and watch tv, and do lots of pissing as my bladder fills up. Then by 10.30 or so, I shall be so horney and so full with piss, that I shall sit there and just empty myself. I wont worry about overspill, leaks or whatever.
I will clean myself up for bed with fresh dry underwear, and be all ready to piss myself again tomorrow morning. Will I have a wank too? Wait and see!

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