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Another find on tumblr

Jeffrey was sitting on the bench, waiting to be called into play. He was a pretty good pitcher for his team, and worked fairly hard to get there. It was a bright, sunny day and we needed just a few more points to beat the team.

While sitting there he started to feel a slight discomfort in his stomach, he decided to brush it off though. It was just moments later that he realized that he might have made a mistake. He felt a pressure lowering in his abdomen and he knew that he was going to have to poop soon.

“Jeffrey, onto the plate!” the coach called out, Jeffrey got up and almost instantly wished he didn’t. It felt as if a wave of pressure his hit his anus, and he gave a small clench before continuing onto the field. This was his big change to win, and he didn’t want to let bodily functions get in the way of that.

But with every step the urge got greater, by the time he was at the pitchers mound he was clenching more frequently. He started to get beads of sweat on his forehead as he tried to ignore the urge. He faced the batter and waited, each second the pressure getting stronger.

He wound up, lifted his leg, and pitched the ball. Big mistake. All of the pressure that was in his stomach went directly to his sphincter. And he clenched, hard. His anus was twitching at the idea of exploding right there in his tight white pants. But he couldn’t. He was a man, he can’t be seen shitting himself like a child!

The ball hit the glove, strike 1. Victory, but he was hurting. The pressure in his ass was still building, and he didn’t know if it was just a shart, or something far worse. He didn’t have much more time to decide, as he had to pitch again. He wound up, clenched extremely hard, lifted his leg, and pitched. This time without being so lucky. As soon as he lifted his leg, his anus twitched like crazy. Hespite the clenching, a few small spurts of really mushy shit oozed out of his ass. Causing him to mess up the shot.

Strike. He couldn’t even focus on pitching because the pressure in his anus was incredible. The escaped poop was rubbing between his tight ass cheeks, slightly staining his tight white FTLs. His head was coated n sweat beads and his ass was clenched as had was possible. Any movement and he will explode into his briefs. But he had to… he had to move. He had to pitch. His anus twitching as it tries its hardest to keep all the shit in.

He gripped the ball, forced his legs apart, the pitched. As soon as his leg went in the air his tightly corked anus burst open with gassy and creamy shit. It filled the back of his pants as well as his tight FTLs. He felt a euphoric feeling rush over him as his pants got tighter. The next thing he hear, is that the batter got a homerun.

The whole field was staring in his direction now, and the horror of what happened dawned on him. He quickly left the field, feeling the mushy load shift between his left and right buttcheek. How was he going to explain this one to the team?

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