Another Friday night

How festive. Three (count ’em!) friends called me on my iPhone tonight to insist that I meet them for dancing at a local Seattle club. We’ll do. I’ll look my best- tee shirt and jeans from American Apparel, colourful briefs from JC Penney, suspenders from Urban Outfitters, everything which should make me spiffy, sexy and irresistable. 

But it seems to be a bit of a pipe dream to meet a bloke my age who does not smoke, drink to excess, do drugs or otherwise be oblivious to the finer things in life, Henry James, Matisse and Beethoven?
Then they might not mind if I occasionally had an accident in my underwear? It could happen anyway, and my friends don’t even know that. Such are the complications of not being very ‘normal’. 


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  1. I think you sound very normal to me. I too like Beethoven and play the piano and Pipe organ. I also like Bach and pooping my pants.

  2. @manscent: love it. @daddyscat: considering the Bach B minor lasts 2 hours and 10 minutes -and a most Lutheran Elevation of the Host- best to pee beforehand!!

  3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  4. Suspender boy, You sound like a fantastic guy a real "gentleman," and sometimes that is hard to come by and that is so hot and sexy to me to be with a real man turns me on. I have to say reading this blog just reading it turns me on. Suspender Boy, you will find someone and he will be special just like you.

  5. ^ Thanks. I spend my weekdays studying -and I am listening to a string quartet right now- but weekends I deal with the heathen.

    (oops, very patronising of me- sorry!)

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