another fetish dream

i just had another diaper fetish dream last night that i haven’t had in a few months.  in my dream there are these 2 hot girls that i come across while i’m shopping at a supermarket.  i spot the girls in the diaper isle.  i hear them say “let’s add these to our stash at home”.  then the girls spot me and they are embarrassed that they’ve just been spotted buying diapers.  i walk over to them and they say hi to me in a shy voice because they are embarrassed.  the girls are very pretty, one of them is a brunette and one is a blonde.  the brunette likes baby diapers while the blonde likes adult diapers.  these girls look to be around my age which is 19.  at first they try to lie and say “these aren’t for us, we’re buying these for someone else” but i tell them i overheard them mentioning their diaper stash.  eventually they open up to me and tell me about their fetish and they are surprised to hear that i have the same fetish.  they ask me “how are we going to buy these without getting weird looks from people?” and i tell them that the self checkout station in the store is almost always empty and no-one ever checks out there.  they appreciate my help so much and are so excited to hear that i have the same fetish that they actually invite to their house so there is no way i could refuse this offer,  so we get to their house and they open the door and show me around a little bit inside.  it’s a really nice house and i’m surprised when i open the door to their room and smell a strong odor of marijuana.  they seem to be completely calm about it and they set the diapers down on the bed.  then i ask them “so can i see your stash?” and they get nervous all the sudden and say “OMG, are you a cop?” and i say “calm down, i meant the diaper stash, besides there’s nothing wrong with a little weed, i smoke too and no i’m not a cop” so they calm down and show me the diaper stash and they show me their weed too.  both stashes were quite impressive.  the diaper stash had 2 sections, one for the baby diapers and one for the adult diapers.  after we talked for a while, i said “could i get a few diapers and some weed too maybe?” and they didn’t hesitate or question why and they gave me a few adult diapers and a little weed, then the brunette said “you wanna light up with us?” and i said “HELL YEAH!!!!” so we smoked for a bit, chatted, used the diapers and just had a good time.  they both gave me their numbers and said “call or text us any time you wanna hang out, you’re the first guy who’s not made fun of us for our fetish”.  I absolutely loved the dream and i hope to have it again and maybe some day even have it happen for real.  anyway i’m going to post the pictures of the things in my dream.  thanks for reading

this is an animated version of what the girls looked like, this picture i took from

btw the girls were straight in the dream

this was the blonde’s adult diaper stash

this is what part of the brunette’s baby diaper stash looked like

and here’s a picture of the girls weed stash

imagine all this paradise in one dream

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  1. I know right? My life would be pretty much complete if that could happen in real life

  2. @peehorny, who here wouldn’t want it to happen for real? that’d be sooooo awesome!!!!

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