Anna’s story

I t was a lovely warm July morning In Hyderabad,India when cute mom,Anna Hopper and her lovely daughter Manu walked through the front door of their large house near the University and got into their car for a drive into the city.Anna and her daughter loved to get out into fresh air and indulge in their favorite passtime.They were both dressed in lovely bright flowing tops over tight brown pants which clung to their legs showing their bodies off as being slim and sensuous.Anna drove north a short way and then turned right onto the Mumbai Road heading for the city center where they intended parking the car and having a nice walk in the sun by the side of the Hussein Sagar Lake.The drive did not take long and soon Anna parked the car in the shade of a tree at the Nizam Law College,and the two women walked the rest of the way to the lake,turning right to walk toward the Indira Park.As they walked they stopped at a stall and bought a nice cold drink each to enjoy as they looked at the ducks sailing on the water being fed by a few children.Soon their gentle stroll had taken them to their destination and they found a shady seat in the park by the waters edge.They sat and enjoyed the scene for a while and then Manu opened the basket she was carrying and took out some home made samosas they had brought with them for a small picnic.There were plenty of samosas in the basket,but they soon had eaten the last one and just relaxed as they finished their cold drinks.
After about half an hour Anna noticed a gurgling sound in her stomach,and felt a slight stirring in her bowels as the collective meals of the past three days now were showing signs of moving through her body.She had not pooped since three days ago but had still enjoyed all her meals each day,so now she felt she would have to empty her bowels soon.Beside her,Manu was also showing signs of discomfort in her stomach,as she too had not pooped since the last time she and her mother had visited the market four days ago and both had indulged in their favorite passtime of pooping into their panties together.Neither of them suffered from incontinence,but they just loved to feel their panties filled with a large load of soft warm poop while they walked through a market or open shop,hoping not to be noticed as they went.A few times hey had been noticed but since they were both quite pretty it usually took the form of them being helped to clean up their poopy asses by the male person who noticed them and a few time Anna had enjoyed more than just cleaning up.Her husband was away a lot so she was alone too much and the poopy panties and the attention it brought gave her some excitement.Manu nudged Anna and suggested it might be time for them to walk back to the car,so the two women got up from their seat and started slowly walking back they way they came.
They had only walked for ten minutes,and were still beside the lake when both felt cramps gripping their bowels and they had to stop for a moment as they each felt a small squirt of soft poop escape and touch the cotton of their panties.They looked at each other and both smiled,knowing what was about to happen,and very likely before they reached their car,which would be just what they enjoyed about a walk in the fresh air after not pooping for three days.Pleased that they had both chosen tight fitting brown pants instead of light bright saris,they began to walk again knowing they would not reach the car before they pooped in their panties,each with a smile on their face in anticipation of a large poop.They soon reached he place where they turned left to the parking lot of the Law College,and could see their car in the distance.Still there was only a small load of their soft poop floating round in their panties,so they stopped when they found a nice secluded seat,and decided to sit for a few moments to see what would be their fate.They both sat down on the wooden seat,squishing the soft poop as they did,making it quirt up the back of their panties,and feeling so good.Each leaned back and relaxed in the sun on their hard seat and just totally relaxed,and in a very few minutes they found that the rest of the three days supply of soft poop was now moving fast and before long each felt their panties really well filled and their poop was softer than before ,so as they leaned back the poop coming out into the panties was forced forward inside the panties quickly covering each hot pussy and flowing way up until it covered half their bellies too.Everything that was inside their panties was now well covered with their soft hot poop,which made them feel so sexy as they brought their hands into their laps and gently pushed the soft hot mess round both sides of their panties,gently and secretly rubbing their pussies as they did so until both women shuddered as a sweet orgasm hit them.They recovered for a few minutes and then walked smartly to their car and climbed inside to sit on the two towels and plastic bags they had brought with them just for that purpose.Anna started up and slipped it into gear and they drove at a nice steady speed toward home as they each squirmed in their seats to enjoy spreading their soft poop further if possible before they got home.

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