Anna in the forest

Anna decided to go to the park on a beautiful spring day. A heavy rain the night before had seemingly kicked Mother Nature into gear- green shoots were poking themselves through the mud, new leaves had opened on the trees, and the warm air smelled like rain and green. She stretched languidly on the concrete path, warming her muscles and loosening her joints. She bent down to brush the tops of her old sandals, giggling when she let out a tiny fart. Ordinarily on such a perfect day the park would be filled with people and kids, but the storm the previous night had churned up mud until the usual running paths were dark, and the promise of rain had kept more sensible people inside. Anna jogged in place, listening to her shoes squelch on the path and testing the slipperiness. Her black skirt fluttered in the breeze.

She slowly set off at a gentle walk, strolling along the paths and though the picnic pavilion. She casually snagged some paper towels from the toilets and stuffed them into the band of her skirt so she would have something to clean her feet with should the mud get too deep. There were three separate running paths- one that wound through the park and two that went through the little forest. Anna choose the second forest path- it was twice as long and meandered all the way through the woods. It was dark and quiet in there, and she entertained herself by trying to spot the squirrels and rabbits that darted past her.

She had almost reached the first mile marker when she heard footsteps behind her. She whirled around and saw a man jogging up the path. He winked at her and smiled. “Good day for a run,” he said, and she stood back to let him pass, with a return smile and a nod. Mud splattered on legs as he passed and she frowned, rolling her skirt up to keep it out of the spatter zone. She continued walking until she got to the half way point- a small, single stall concrete toilet with a covered bucket bench and water fountain outside. The man was there, leaning over and gasping.

“Are you ok?” Anna asked. The man turned to her, clenching his stomach.

“The door’s locked,” he explained, tugging on the toilet door handle. He startled, and Anna smelt his fart in the air. “I don’t know if I can hold it. That coffee this morning went right through me you know? And all this jogging made me, ah, well, you know…” he babbled. This time, Anna heard the fart as well as smelled it.

“That’s just terrible,” she agreed. “I don’t know if I can hold it myself either. If you want, I can keep a watch out and you can go behind the toilet,” she offered, pulling out a wad of paper towels. The man hesitated and grabbed a towel.

He started to go behind the toilet but stopped. “You don’t have to stay, you know. I can tell it’s going to be a smelly one and I don’t think anyone will be coming around.”

“That’s alright,” Anna said, crossing her legs tightly. “I don’t mind.” She felt the tip of a log try to breach her asshole and clenched her cheeks tighter. The man darted behind the toilet and she heard a rustling noise, then silence. After a bit the man came back around, smiling nervously.

“Ok, I’m done.”

Anna raised her eyebrow. “Doesn’t smell like you are,” she said.

“Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m just bladder shy…” Anna let out a fart and groaned as the log threatened to slip out. A few drops of pee moistened the crotch of her thin, white, cotton panties, and she grabbed the front to make sure no more came out. The man looked surprised, but grinned at the sound.

“You look like you’re about to wet or shit yourself,” he said.

“Yeah, well, I would if I had any privacy,” she blurted, then laughed nervously. “Just joking, I meant I would go here, behind the toilet I mean, if I had privacy, haha, I can make it to the main park so no problem.”

“Hey, it’s cool,” he said. “I actually came here for the same reason. I figured no one would be on these paths with all the mud and a storm coming, and I like feeling a hot lump of shit against my ass as I run.”

Anna gaped, then snorted, laughing a bit. “Crazy,” she said. “I’m Anna.”

“I’m Jim. How long have you been wetting/pooping your panties?”

“I’ve been wetting myself for several years, but only started pooping my panties recently. This is my first big public outdoor poop.”

“I remember when I first started too, it would be so hot knowing I could get caught at any second. Actually have been caught, too, but I got a million excuses lined up just in case.” Jim gestured at his running gear- tight white exercise pants and t-shirt tucked into the top. “I found these old pants in the back of my drawer and figured it’d be fun to totally ruin them.”

Anna laughed again, and turned around, flipping up the edge of her skirt to show her panties. “I thought I’d wet myself and take a huge dump in these panties. And then, my skirt would be just short enough to cover it, but anyone coming up behind me would be able to see the huge lump of poo dangling just below the hem.”

“Mind if I join you then?” Jim asked, hopeful. “I’ve never really had a shitting partner before.

“Sure,” Anna said. “I’ve never had a partner either. I’m not really sure where to start.”

“How about you piss yourself then,” Jim suggested, sitting down at on one of the seats. Anna shyly stood in front, and stood over his knee when he motioned to it. It took a bit of effort to force her bladder to relax, but soon a stream of piss flooded her panties and ran down her thighs. They both groaned as the piss soaked through Jim’s pants and streamed down his leg. He grabbed his crotch and rubbed at it.

“Do you mind if I…”

Anna groaned, cutting off her stream, and shook her head. “Go ahead.” She shuffled over and sat on his thighs, watching intently. A yellow stain soon marked the front of Jim’s pants and began to spread. He groaned, reaching down and rubbing himself, adjusting his dick until the stream splurted upwards. His white pants turned yellow and slightly transparent as his piss pooled below his balls and trickled down his leg, puddling in the seat.

Anna reached down and rubbed the piss stained legs. Jim cupped his balls and pushed harder, the stream of pee finally pushing through his pants to splatter against Anna’s skirt and crotch. She moaned as his hot piss soaked into her panties and warmed her pussy as it trickled into her ass crack. She rubbed herself, grinding the piss into skin.

“Ugh, I don’t think I can hold my shit much longer,” Jim said. He stopped pissing and helped Anna off his lap, standing up and turning around. “Ever seen a guy shit himself in real life?” Anna shook her head and sat on the seat, piss puddle still warm and soaking into her bottom. Jim straddled the seat next to her, leaning forward and shifted until he was comfortable. A few farts escaped and he reached around, tugging his pants down a bit to make room. Anna was silent, small jets of piss leaving her as she watched intently. “This ok?” Jim asked, “or do you want me to move further away?”

Anna smacked him lightly on the shoulder. “Get shittin’ soldier,” she ordered. Jim chuckled and leaned forward a bit more, ass scooting closer to Anna as she heard the first soft crackle of poop. It started off slowly, farts nudging a turtle head to tent his pants, and stain them brown. With a very wet sound, the shit shot out of Jim’s ass, dumping a huge pile into the seat. With nowhere to go, it drooped towards his balls. Anna moaned and gripped Jim’s leg. He grunted and farted again, wiggling his ass in her direction. She clenched down, fingers digging in and humped the lip between their seats.

Jim reached around to palm the lump, feeling its weightiness. “I’m not done yet,” he said. “I’ve got at least 4 days of shit in there I need to get out.” He grunted and farted. “Not sure there’s going to be enough room in these pants.” Anna laughed and reached forward as well, gently cupping Jim’s balls and the bottom of the bulge. Jim hummed, grinding into her hand and sat up, the load squished between his ass and the seat. More farts, more grunts, and Anna watched as more semi-soft shit spread up his ass crack. He sighed and leaned forward. “That should be it.”

The stain was huge and brown, reaching from his ass crack down to his balls and across his cheeks. Anna palmed it again and Jim placed his hand over hers, guiding them both to press firmly so she could feel the hot shit against her hand. They rubbed in circles until a fart reminded them both that Anna still had a pressing matter to attend to.

Jim got up, turning around and pulled Anna up as well. His load sagged between his legs. “You don’t have to agree or anything,” he started, “but I’ve always had this fantasy of girl pooping her panties on my lap…”

“Oh fuck yes,” Anna agreed pushing Jim toward the seat. He grinned at her, bracing himself up, and spread his legs as he slowly sat down. They both moaned as the puddle in the seat made the shit even sloppier. Jim ground himself down, pushing forward to smear his shit up the back of his pants and forward until the stain crept up his sack. He pawed at himself, rubbing the shit between his legs. Anna turned around and sat down carefully, pulling her skirt out of the way.

She didn’t need much effort to get things going this time. A soft log surged into her panties and grew with each push and fart, piss involuntarily soaking into her partner’s crotch below. Jim was groaning beneath her, and she felt him rub gently at the lump, and a flood of his piss spraying against her ass and dripping past her pussy lips. With a final grunt and fart she pushed the last of the shit into her panties and stood up.

A light brown mark was staining the front of Jim’s pants where she had shit against him. He smiled when he saw it and rubbed himself, smearing his shit up from his balls to darker the stain. He motioned to her softball sized panty lump and gave a thumbs up. Anna turned around, trying to see it and he stopped her, pulling out his phone and kneeling behind her to take a photo.

Anna shivered in excitement when she saw the massive load of shit, dripping with piss, hanging below her skirt. Jim put his phone away and pulled her hand and started walking. She could feel the lump smacking against her thighs every time she stepped, and felt a thrill of adrenaline when she heard rustling in the trees, and pretended that some other jogger had decided to brave the mud and could see the heavily soiled panties. Between her lump and Jim’s smearing, there would be no way to pretend it had been an accident!

By the time they reached the end of the forest trail, the sky had blackened and thunder was rolling in the distance. Fat raindrops began to fall. Jim sat against a tree, gently rubbing at his dick through his shit as he moistened it with his piss. “Can I meet you again?” he asked.

Anna twirled around, skirt flaring, and spontaneously sat down in his lap again, squishing her lump against his. They pissed together, enjoying the last of the warmth as he humped frantically against her and her poop, and she ground her clit against him. They came, quick tremors for her and long shots for him, until they collapsed against each other in a mess of shit, piss, and cum. Anna gave him a hug and stood up, searching her purse for a scrap of paper and a pencil.

“Here, it’s my phone number. Call me if you want to hang out, or have some more fun with me,” she said, turning around to go back to her car. “And keep the picture!”

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