Andy's “Little” Secret

    Okay, so there was once a kid named Andy. He is seventeen years old and English but moved to the states about two years ago. He was the most popular, and adorable person in the school but he had a secret. A secret that would ruin him if it was exposed. He secretly enjoyed pooping and peeing in his pants and sitting in it all day without anyone even knowing it. His parents didn’t even know that he enjoyed it. Anyways, to the story now.
————————————- STORY BEGINS —————————————
It was a Friday morning and Andy had just woken up. He was glad that today was Friday. It means that his parents would be gone for the weekend and all of next week for vacation. It was spring break next week which meant that there would be no school at all for Andy.
So as he yawned and got up out of bed, Andy realized he woken up five minutes earlier than he usually does and he’d have to be at school within an hour and a half. He slowly got out of bed and went to make breakfast. He had made a huge amount of food that could feed the family, but he had a high metabolism and was always hungry. He finished eating within fifteen minutes and went to shower, and brush his teeth. After cleaning himself up, he grabbed his diaper and his sweat pants. He slowly pulled them up and couldn’t wait until the end of class today. He quickly put on his long sleeved, striped red and white shirt. 
He walked to school as his straight, long black hair bounced as he walked to school. He arrived at the school fifteen minutes before class started and set his book bag and jacket into his locker and grabbed his books that he would need for the half day today. He walked to his first class and sat down into his seat. It was his least favorite class of the day that lasted two hours. It was trigonometry. The teacher was always strict  and he couldn’t stand her at all. 
Through the dual hour class, He was thinking of how great it’d feel to be sitting in his poop when he got home from school. Suddenly, he stopped daydreaming as the bell rang. He realized that he had only three more hours to go. It was his favorite class, Psychology. He was the best in the school at Science due to his father being a scientist, and his mother being a doctor. The teacher always chose Andy to answer the question because he knew that he actually knew some of the material before even taking the class.
As he sat through the lesson that lasted two hours, He had a slight urge suddenly hit his bowels but he held on really well for the meantime. During the class, they had to learn about mental illnesses which he knew a great deal about due to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few months ago. 
He was sad that he didn’t have this class last but next came the boring but amusing class after Psychology. It was World History. The teacher had a great deal of knowledge and would always tell side stories about certain topics. During the class, the urge got worse to poop but he knew it’d only twenty more minutes before it’d be in his diaper. Throughout the day, Andy tried not to let the crinkle be heard and he was successful. As the bell rang, he ran to his locker and put his books away than ran to the nearby forest which was about half a mile down the road.  
As he reached the forest and about a few hundred meters inside the forest, he hid behind a tree and grunted as he tried to poop his diaper. He pulled down his sweat pants a bit than he gently relaxed his bowels. He farted and laughed a bit while getting turned on. He felt great as the hard warm poop filled his pants and was tenting his pants out in the back. He tried not to pee yet until he got home because he’d enjoy being wet and messy in his pants while it’s still warm. He got a small tickle as the poop started to fill up towards the front of his pants and he was smiling as though he was a little baby again who pooped his pants. He finished pooping and ran back home without trying to waddle so no one would notice his bulge of shit protruding from his pants. He made it home without any cars passing by or anyone even walking by him. He waddled only a bit while trying to keep the rest of his poop in his bowels that he knew would be coming out in a little while.
Andy waddled into his house than to his bedroom and pulled a pacifier that he kept under his pillow. He gently placed it in his mouth and began to suck on it while trying not to piss until he got into the bathroom. He made it to the bathroom just on time. Andy quickly shut the door and locked it. He slowly let his pee go until it turned into puddle around his feet. He still sucked on the pacifier and completely pissed his diaper and noticed it leaked through to his sweat pants too. He looked down at his sweat pants that were covered in piss, and he got an immediate hard on. He slowly put his hands on the outside of his sweat pants and began rubbing it as he walked over to the living room. He slowly sat down on his poop and came right into his diaper. Little did he know that he wouldn’t be alone very soon.
(To be continued)

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