Andy & Sage get caught.

Later that evening, they woke up from a phone call saying that Sage’s younger brother would be staying over for a few nights. His parents had a meeting out of town and were going to go shopping for Sage and his brother as well, due to the fact that their birthdays were less than a month away. Sage’s younger brother who is fourteen has been wearing diapers ever since he was born, due to his weak bladder problems. He’d always wake up with a wet diaper that’d sometimes soak through his diaper into his pants.
They fell back asleep and slept happily for another hour until they heard the door open and they both got up and tried to run upstairs to change but they were caught so they tried to hide their poop filled pants. His brother walks in and gets a disgusted look on his face and asks the same thing Sage asked Andy when he first came over. They both look at each other and were thinking the same thing,”Since he saw us, we should get him to join the club.” His brother has begun to think that they didn’t fart but they shit their pants. Andy shows Sage’s younger brother, Jacob, around the house and smiles secretly planning to make Jacob shit his diaper. 
After he gives him a tour, Andy makes a big meal for all three boys to eat which they happily do and finish within ten minutes. After eating they go back to the living room to watch a scary movie. While watching they all get an urge to take a shit but they see Jacob fidgeting badly and he gets up to go to the bathroom. Jacob finally asks loudly,”Do you mind if I have a poo in the toilet?” Sage and Andy look at each other and nod. Sage runs to the bathroom pushing Jacob out of the way and “accidentally” locks the door. Jacob looks around and yells,”What the hell did you lock the door for!? I need to shit badly!” 
Jacob looks in horror as he finally pieces it altogether. Sage and Andy wanted him to shit his diaper because they already messed their pants. Jacob suddenly farted and his load began to fill his diaper as he stood there in shock from the speed that it was coming out of his butt. He tried to stop it and it worked for a bit, than he thought,”I already messed my diaper this much and plus it’s not as bad as I thought, so why not push the rest out.” He put his hands on his knees and began grunting and filled his diaper from back to front with his poop.
As he turned around showed his messy diaper to both his brother, and Andy. He slowly cupped his hand around his load and smiled a bit. He than pushed his hands against it and flattened his load against his ass. He got instantly hard and walked into where he would be staying for the next couple of days. 
Jacob slowly walked over to the computer chair and plopped down on it which made him get even a bigger boner. He slowly began to rub his cock from outside the diaper to avoid getting his hands dirty. He moaned softly to himself and never felt so good to be a dirty boy. Jacob kept massaging his diapered front faster and harder with each stroke and this lasted for a while and finally came in his diaper. He looked up and noticed that it was dark outside and it was nine o’ clock PM. He decided to just pull his onesie on over his dirty diaper because he’d probably wet it overnight. So he climbed into bed and felt good about wearing a dirty diaper. Jacob let out a fart than went to sleep as a baby boy with his secret pacifier in his mouth. He slowly sucked on his pacifier throughout the night.
MEANWHILE, As soon as Jacob went into his room for the few days, Sage & Andy began to kiss each other gently and they were kissing as Andy carried Sage to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and sat down on the floor kissing him deeply. As they were kissing on the floor, They were getting harder and didn’t stop. They knew they were meant to each other. They both got tired and went into the shower and cleaned themselves up.
As soon as Andy “Dropped” the soap, and Sage was still hard so he pushed his hard cock into Andy’s butt. Andy moaned loudly and grabbed the shower handle as Sage giggles at him. He grasped Andy’s waist and let out a fart that smelled bad but it made Sage harder and he kept going harder and faster. Andy kept screaming louder and more like a girl until Sage came in is ass. Andy stated “Sageybear, Let’s go back to my room!”
They quietly went back to Andy’s room. They set the diapers on the sides of their bed and Andy started to rim Sage’s smelly butt. Andy gently pushed his tongue into his butt and licked deeply inside of him and began to stroke his cock as Sage sucked his Andy’s cock. They were both in pure pleasure and didn’t stop sucking Andy’s cock or licking Sage’s anus. Finally they both came. One load went into Sage’s mouth, the other on his body. Andy began to lick his semen off of him as he put a diaper on Sage and one on himself.
Sage bent over in front of Andy’s face and farted. The smell was sexy for Andy and he had a huge smirk on his face. He pushed his shit into his unexpecting diaper. He kept pushing until his diaper was full. He sat down and moaned loudly as Andy did the same thing that Sage did. As soon as their diapers were full, they pulled on the onesies that Andy had set out for them and fell asleep together.

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