And the dog ate it!…

This started out as a typical bike ride and poop in the reservation along the railroad just as I had done oh, so many times before and have written about here numerous times as well.

I had on an old pair of Hanes I found on another bike ride under a pair of old cut-off shorts, and a tee. It was a warm mid-summer day, which for us was one of those perfect not so humid days that make you pass out, but perfect for doing fun stuff outdoors.

I had to go, and had to since the day before at work. Instead of dropping trout in the men’s room, I’d only go in and adjust my package and pee to relieve the pressure. Finally, the bell rang and I scooted home. It was about an hour’s drive with traffic, and the poop was really urging to come out. This made for an uncomfortable drive, but made it home unscathed.

I didn’t pee either and held it through the night with hopes of wetting in bed. Periodically, I’d wake up and relax, push, and trickle some warm piss into my underwear and sweatpants, and fart loudly and gassily as the my poop worked its way down. The next morning, my underwear was quite damp and sticky, but I still had to pee badly and really had to shit now. I kept farting loudly as I put on my shorts and tee over my dirty underwear.

After a quick breakfast, I hit the road. As I adjusted my bike and put air in my tires, I leaked more pee out and farted again. The pee trickled down my leg and left a small puddle on the driveway. I then pushed a little bit and an ass turtle moved into my underwear. I promptly squished it back with my hand as I stood up to climb on my bike.

Off on the road! I scooted through town down to the railroad as I normally did. I went to my favorite spot near the cemetery crossing and watched the train signals. They were dark so I proceeded down the bike path along the tracks to the reservation. At this point, everything had calmed down so I didn’t even feel I had to go anymore.

Once on the reservation path, however, things loosened up and I had to pee again. I relaxed and let the pee flow into my underwear and into my shorts. As I peed and pushed, the poop started to move as well. The big farts, poop, and pee made me quite horny as I walked along, pushing, peeing, and becoming more and more messy. I then stopped at the granite mill stones and flattened the mess into my pants and continued to push until I was empty. I didn’t even have to wank because I spewed right into my underwear and shorts. I then walked with my bike down to the river’s edge, dumped the poop out and washed myself off.

I had just pulled my shorts and wet, dirty underwear up when a former coworker came along with his dog; an old friendly golden retriever. The dog sniffed around me, which made me a bit nervous, and I passed it off as him smelling my dogs and cats. The thing is, I could still smell myself quite strongly, so I’m sure the dog really, really smelled me quite well! We laughed about it and continued or reminiscing about the olden days. The dog then went off and sniffed around where I had dropped my shit on the ground, and proceeded to eat my load! I looked at him munching away, but didn’t say anything until my old buddy standing there saw him.

We then laughed about it and both said, boy he must’ve found something tasty to eat! I never let on to what he was munching away on, but it was quite amusing to watch as I sat there on my bike with still dirty smelly pants on, talking to a coworker. After he left, I continued on the bike ride which turned out be quite eventful as I found three more pairs of men’s underwear on my trip, which I kept for many years afterwards, messing, sniffing, and cumming in them.

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  1. Lol. He sure looked like he enjoyed that soft chocolate…
    This reminds me. My dog will occasionally steal treats from the cat box. We were pretty grossed out about it, and started laughing when I said it’s no different than those coconut covered donuts. 🙂

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