An unlikely dom, a loose ass and a boy like me…

I had been talking to this guy on Grindr on and off, he started off being pretty sweet but after a little push it turned out that he was a baby faced dom… what a shame lol. After much faffling we finally managed to arrange a no holds barred outdoor session.

Before leaving I was put on a toilet ban, he isn’t really into per per se but deffo seemed more than happy to be in control of my toilet needs. So off I went to walk to our rendezvous point. When I was nearly there I found a dark spot, lubes up my smooth hole and slid one of my 9″ dildos in there, all the way in there. I was already pretty bursting but having that all the way in was making things even worse/better.

We met and went for a longish walk, talking about why we are in to what we’re into and eventually headed into the woods (of 2 boys 1 wood fame.) Once we were over the railway it was 23:00 and dark as. He stopped me and while standing hammered the dildo in and out. Then we walked along a bit more and he made me strip. He then continued toying away and eventually told to I could pee. I was on my back, hard as, and totally bursting so with a little push the pee shot out. Hard stream covered by body, hitting my face, getting in my mouth, over my shoulder and in my hair. I was totally soaked. He then went rough and ready with my huge black dildo which is as big as a fist and he was pretty brutal despite being so polite. When he finally filled it out my ass automatically pushed out and I lost control of my bladder and was there, on all fours, with per streaming out of my hard dick onto the ground.

Following on from yet more stuff in the woods we walked around for ages and ages. He was trying to find a randomer on Grindr for me to suck but it didn’t happed. After more wandering and some more alfresco toy play we decided to come back to mine. Here he really went to town on my poor ass and we didn’t cum until 4am. It was a huge cumshot from me, right over the shoulder and over my body, my poor gaping pass a testament to my friends angel-faced determination.

In the morning I was woken up by noisy tourists at 8am and decided to pop a nappy on just in case as my ads still felt super loose. After 90mins of dozing and some spurts of pee I really felt the need to fart tbh so thought I’d give it a push. What a happy mistake, I was so loose in the morning the gently push was all my ruined hole could take and soft shit filled my nappy in bed. I got on all fours and pushed to get some more out, feeling my ass push itself out of my hole a little too and then fresh pee soaked my nappy making it having both front and back.

What a kinky 12hrs…. Hopefully not long to the next one.

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