An unexpected experience with a long time friend part 4

Leaving her in only a diaper I begin to get dressed only pulling up my boxer briefs and a pair of gym shorts. We then move to begin picking up the clothes and starting to fill the washing machine when I hear a wet crackly fart come from with in the diaper. I turn and say did you already break the rules to which she denies it so I drag her over to me by the waist band and bend her over the washing machine. I pull the diaper open to check and it is clean. I tell her to be careful if she doesn’t want to be spanked. Later while watching tv and cuddling I hear a slight pee spurt hitting a diaper. I say I heard that and you might as well let it all go as I drag her up to my lap and say since your already going to get punished. I feel her release her very full bladder into the diaper and as I ask if she is done an explosion of solid shit starts jetting out of her ass. I pick her up and carry her to the bedroom laying her down while going to get the baby whipes and toilet paper. I open the front of the diaper and hold her legs together straight up in the air. I begin to clean her up gently rubbing her clit to tease her. Once clean I tell her to lay over my knee as it was time to be punished and that she had been warned. She was accepting of her punishment so I gave her a few less smacks. Following the spanking it was time for dinner and she went to get dressed to which I told her Nope now you will remain naked until I leave. She cooks and eats dinner completely naked looking so sexy I could barely keep myself from fucking her on the table. Following dinner we both had to use the bathroom and I decided that she could pee in the toilet but I squated over her and peed through her legs hitting her clit. Once she was done I picked her up spun around and sat on the toilet to shit with her standing in front of me. She asks if I want a lap dance while i shit to which I say go for it. As I am sitting there shitting having her rub all over me my sick begins to twitch and I grab her and bend her over and fuck her deep with my own ass messy from my shit. Just as I finish deep inside of her we hear the door open…. Her friends are home and we are both naked so we hop in the shower and clean up and walk out to a house of snickering girls who watched us go back to her room to get dressed and I left a short time after that.

Thiis where this experience ends I hope you enjoyed and I hope to hear from some of you. Please feel free to message me on here to talk.

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