An unexpected experience with a long time friend part 3

(Flash forward to the morning you can all imagine the nights activities)
I wake up holding her tightly with my bladder twitching and her still asleep. With my morning wood helping me hold my pee I receive another great surprise she begins to soak the bed as she had secretly woken up. Me believing she was still asleep I whispered in her ear that she was being naughty to which she replied I know and a devilish smirk. She says I want you to fuck me again so I roll her over and force her deep into her puddle she had made on the bed. I begin to fuck her hard but my bladder begins to twitch I tell her I have to pee or I’m going to pee in her. She replies with I could use a good shower after the fun last night ;). I pull out and take a knee right next to her and begin to dribble pee through my hard on. The dribble turns to a small stream and eventually to a full speed current. As I soak her completely she says put it back in and fuck me harder as she pulls me back down. Our bodies squishing together in a sea of urine I feel her begin to push and before I know it there is a log of shit in the bed. At that moment I exploded and filled her up with cum. I picked her up and began to carry her to the bathroom telling her she is a baby for shitting the bed. She says she is sorry in a baby voice and asks what I am going to do about it as we enter the bathroom. I sit her on the toilet as I turn the shower on I sit her down on the floor of the shower and begin to scrub every inch of her clean from her hair to her ass. After I deam her clean I jump in and clean myself off while standing over her. Following the shower I pick her up and dry her off. I carry her back to her room and say I’m going to go get you diapers since clearly you can’t hold it in. She states there are some in her closet so I grab one and hold her legs up like a baby and secure the diaper in place. I then tell her that she must tell me before she uses the diaper and if not she will be punished. At that moment her phone ringes causing panic because her friends might be almost home and there is such a large mess throughout the house. Her friends say they won’t be home till late that night which gave us time to continue playing and clean up to hide the evidence of all of our fun.

To be continued as long as I get a response on here.

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