An unexpected experience with a long time friend adjusted for panty fetish

So I saw her again last night. She invited me over to her house as she had the place to herself (roommates went out for the night). I arrived around 7pm EST to find her making dinner wearing white full cut nylon panty briefs and white full cotton bra. She greeted me at the door in those wonderful panties and handed me a beer. She handed me a pair of white nylon panty briefs that were exactly what she had on and instructed me to go hang out on the couch with nothing on except my white panties until dinner was ready and to drink up. So before dinner was ready I had finished my beer and had gone to throw it out when she handed me a shot of Jameson and another beer. I took the shot and drank the beer which made my soft nylon panties a little wet.
Just as she called out that dinner was ready I had an urge to pee in my soft panties but my hard on was sticking straight out and that prevented me from wetting those panties in front of her. I said I have to pee in my panties and where is your bathroom. She said no bathroom tonight and we can wash our panties in the morning with a giant smirk on her face. Now I had to poo in those soft pretty panties as well but I just sat down at the table and enjoyed the meal she had prepared. After dinner she stood up in her soft white nylon panties and white bra to get me another drink (clearly trying to get me drunk) and I noticed her panty crotch was damp. I said someone was a naughty girl in her panties and that I wanted her to sit on my panty covered lap as I enjoyed my next drink.
She sat down in her panties and I felt her soft panty crotch was soaked all the way through and just as I checked she let loose and flooded her panties all over my lap. Now both our panties were soaked with her pee. I turned and kissed her deeply as I emptied my bladder in my soft white panties. We were sitting in a puddle of our hot pee. My dick was throbbing to get out.
I decided to push to get things started and I let out a loud fart through my panties which was unexpected and I was quite embarrassed. She screamed out – my that’s hot, now poo in your panties with me as she got on her knees with her face in my crotch. I lifted up off the couch and started slowly to push. A nice hard log stated to push out into the back of my soft white already soaked soft nylon panties. She grabbed the back of my panties to enjoy what I was making in her panties. Then her face became tense as I felt her panties tent in the back just as my panties had done.
We began to head towards her bed room with our white panties wiggling in the back as we walked. I grabbed her and spun her back towards me and kissed her as I pinned her against the wall. As we rolled along the wall down the hall fell into bed together. We kissed passionately as she rolled me over and over. We spent the night with our arms around each other and hard brown logs in the back of our soft very wet nylon panty briefs.

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  1. Trainpee, I am so sorry if you are offended. Your story was very good. Some of us have the panty fetish, so for those folk another version of your story might be enjoyable. Your story came first and provided what was needed with another slant.

    Did you enjoy my panty version?


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