An unexpected afternoon in a full diaper

I finally got my lazy ass up didn’t had to get up early to change my pan pants it gaooebsecevey morning. I wake up around 4 to wet a messed. diaper. I was laying on my back with boxer briefs over my diaper. I messed myself up the front The bpm wet myself. Ythe mess made me hard and rubbed in out. Still half asleep I fell into a um coma and rested peacefully for about an hour and a half.then I got up hit the bathroom sat down in my load a pond had a smoke. I then got coeanrpedcup be for my partner woke up.

after longing in bed I got up to pick up my groceries from walk mart and hit the dollar tree. Just as a precaution a put on a prevail. Permadry on and hit the dollar tree.i I was in,y there about 2 minutes when I knew I had better hurry up.and get out of there. Made It to the door and packed that diaper full violently. just as I opened the door for a woman It totally filed my pants with both harped and soft shit. Trying to walk normal ( not easy in a really full diaper) I made it tipoffs my brand new truck. If cous
Res u had towels to put on the seat. I settled in gently no blowouts! Next I drove to Walmart to get my groceries, I pulled in and the guy came loaded me up and home I went.

As I pulled down the street. I saw my partner had not gone to work yet. He know I’m incontinent but I still hpfeel awkward. And ashamed to be around him in a dirty diaper. I snuck in got the groceries put away and went into another bedroom lit a candles sat on my bed siting on my load as if I was containing the smell. I watched tv for an hour when hecgot in the shower. We only have Maine bathroom. So I was stuck sitting in my shitty diaper.

When he got our Christmas cane in took a whiff Nd asked if I messed my diaper. As if we both didn’t know. I shrugged and saud I had to, you were in the bathroom and I couldn’t change. He said come here babe, and gave me hug while checking the damage in my diaper. “Wow I’m sorry you really had an big accident!”

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