An incident from childhood, poop in the bushes

As a child, I spent all summer with my grandmother in a small town, almost in the countryside. Most of the time, when the weather allowed, he spent with the neighborhood children on the street. At that time, there were no computers or phones, so our games were the most common and, in terms of utility, the most normal. For example, we often played hide-and-seek. I remembered an incident in one of these games. I don’t remember how old I was then, I was in high school. So we hid with a friend in the bushes, sat, hid. Then the friend says, ” NIN, I want to shit… Katka moved a little to the side, lifted her dress and pulled her panties up to her knees. Her underpants were probably not very fresh, because the white ones had a few brown stripes, probably from an insufficiently well-wiped ass. Katka giggled and strained a little, a trickle of urine immediately flowed between her legs and in a couple of seconds the first poop came out of the ass, which came off and fell to the ground before the urine stopped pouring. After a few more seconds, Katya stopped writing, and then another poop fell to the ground, followed by another, much smaller than the first two. There was a slight smell around. Katerina sat for a while longer, then exhaled, shook her ass a couple of times, and got up to pull on her underpants. Her panties clung tightly to her ass, squeezing her buttocks slightly. Then she straightened her dress and moved a little away from where she had just shat. There was a fairly large pile of poop on the ground. I didn’t go to the toilet that day either, and it’s logical that all these actions caused me to have a fairly persistent desire to take a shit. Now, I say, it’s my turn. I lifted my skirt, pulled off my underpants, and sat down to do my own thing. My underpants were white, too, but not as dirty as Katya’s. There were no arse marks on them yet, just a small yellow spot in the front of the gusset from urine. At the very beginning, I started to urinate, when the stream was completely dry, I strained a little more and felt the first poop come out of my ass. At first, the Poo was quite hard, but somewhere in the middle of the way, the feces became softer and quickly popped out. Straining a little more, I squeezed out another piece of shit. After a while, I instinctively shook my ass several times in the air, and since I had nothing to dry myself with like Katherine, I pulled on my panties and adjusted my skirt. We moved a little away from our piles of shit and crouched down, still hiding in the same bushes. I could feel the fabric of my underpants sticking to my newly emptied dirty anus. I’m sure Katya felt the same way on her ass.))

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  1. That’s a good story. Thanks for sharing. Fetishes often originate in our childhood and I can understand why it happened in your case.

  2. Yes, indeed, it is. For a very long time, I could not afford many things, including fetishes related to the toilet theme, which I observed as a child. But then I began to enjoy trying them.

  3. Great story as kids we would play similar games and peeing tended to be outdoors away from home , if we dumped we always wanted to see what each other had done and most of time it was pull up our pants without wiping ha . Our moms used to tell us off for staining our pants but thats all sxx

  4. I also had conversations with my mother about the cleanliness of my panties. It didn’t bother her too much when my panties showed only some dirt, within reason. But she asked me when she saw that my panties were badly stained at the back and she asked why I didn’t wipe my ass. In the end, she said that I would change my mind as soon as I started washing my own underwear..))

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