An expected pant filling poop

I was working at my computer at home this morning when I felt a bit loose but since I had already been to the toilet earlier that morning, I wasn’t expecting any great quantity when I dropped my trousers and just let it go. How wrong I was! It kept coming and coming. Eventually I had a large bulge in the back of my pants containing some very soft poop. It was really squigy so rather than waste it, I took off my shirt and put a cover over the chair where I had been sitting and sat down. It immediately oozed up my crevice and as I sat back oozed sideways all over my bottom. It felt really nice. I continued working at my computer for another 30 minutes with the poop still in my pants. Every time I moved it squigged from 1 side to the other. Luckily nobody came to door. It would have been difficult to explain why I was only dressed in some very shitty pants. When I went up to the bathroom to clean up, the back of my pants was liberally covered in shit.

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