An Excellent Game

When I was younger my dad would always take the family to watch minor league baseball games. This particular story occurred when it was just my father and me. I have no idea why it was just the two of us. After a few innings the urge to go to the bathroom happened. After awhile My father and I both went to go stand in the huge bathroom lines. You know how public events always have unusually long bathroom lines. At this point Ionly had  to go a little compared to being desperate. Standing in line I notice a little girl and her mother. The little girl is maybe one or two people in front of me. She is wearing a plaid drees and tights. She mentions how much she needs to pee. She crosses her legs. Her mother asks if they can go to the front of the line. She is denies and tells her daughter to hold it just a little while longer. She says she cannot hold it. All of a sudden I hear a hissing sound and some yelling. I look up to see the girl turn towards me. I stand there in amazement as a small puddle turns into a very very large puddle. The little girls tights become very see through. She stands there in line and wets herself completely. Her white tights show her thighs and pink skin. I remember feeling very uncomfortable especially because i needed to pee. The mother grabs her daughter and yells at her not holding her pee. I remember stepping over the puddle and easily making it to the bathroom . I did not mention anything to my father about what I had just witnessed. This event is one I still remember and enjoy today. I wonder if this is one of the situations that helped develop my love of wettings. I have a really good story about the time I made my best friend wet his pants. If interested please let me know, just so you know the way he remembers it is not how it happened!

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