An erotic dream

Up early, alone and horny! Wishing I had those dirty panties in my hands ;-P Your sweet woman musk teasing my nose. Imagining you in them. I’m dreaming of peeling those sticky creamed panties off your hot body.

Your fantasies have your juices flowing and your sexy panties absolutely soaked. Unable to control your fingers from slipping down inside to feel your warmth, you can not resist your own pure intoxicating woman scent as you bring them to your nose. Slathered in your sweet nectar, you slide one two and three fingers into your mouth. Ugh, your pulse quickens, your flower swells as your naughty urges build. You think of my panty fetish and how you want to fuel my desire. You slowly caress your body with one hand as your hips thrust against your other. It’s not long until your nipples are fully erect, inducing waves that course through your body crashing over and over between your thighs. Your uterus now throbbing and your flower fully open to expose your engorged clit you slip your fingers deeper into your wetness as your pulsations clamp down around your fingers. Mashing your hand over your wet lily you feel your wetness spread up to your aching button. Working your on switch an uncontrollable wave rushes through your veins making you dizzy with an overwhelming desire to be filled. Your animal instincts take over as your mind and body become synchronized in a beautiful rhythmic crescendo of wonderfully intense contractions.

You collapse in a sweaty heap imagining our later rendezvous. How our bodies fit together and animal desires between us. That first touch after being away from each other for so long. Longing for each other’s scent. The animal instinct coming alive as even the sounds we make become such an erotic pleasure. The intense feelings and the heightened sensitivity.

Soon you find your hands roaming your body again. Your wanton needs beg your hands for their undivided attention. It isn’t long at all until you feel an eruption building deep inside you. Your heavy breasts almost too sensitive for your touch. Again the waves of ecstasy turn into uncontrollable convulsions as you gasp, grunt and scream. The climax leaves you totally spent as the pleasures of the moment replay in your mind.

Driven by my kinks your curiosity is driving you wild of how I will react when we meet. Your naughty urges are not completely satisfied as you continue to wear those panties all day, knowing what a mess you’ve made of them and will continue to make of them.

I am dreaming of your wonderfully intoxicating scent and how the evening will play out.

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