An agonising shit

Ellen stood, in considerable discomfort, in her apartment kitchen. She hadn’t shit in over a week and was now absolutely desperate to, but couldn’t. She was waiting for her neighbour, a doctor, to come home so she could see if he could help, maybe there was some special medical strength laxative he would have on hand? Ellen rubbed her stomach gently as it ached and shifted uneasily on her feet as the pressure in her ass began to build again.

She had taken some laxative about an hour ago but it had not started to work yet, she would keep this secret from the doctor next door in the hope that he would give her more.

Eventually she heard him arrive home and after a few minutes went to the door.

“Mike, hi”, she stammered as he answered. “Ellen, hi, what can I…are you OK?”. He couldn’t help notice that his petite blonde neighbour was shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot and holding her stomach.

“I’m…I need your help”, she replied, “Can I come in?”. Mike moved aside to let her inside then closed the door, “What is it, are you hurt?”, he asked her. “It’s embarrassing but I don’t know who else to go to”, she said, then suddenly winced and clutched her stomach, “I can’t go to the toilet!”, she cried, “Do you have anything that could help?”.

“I’ve dealt with constipation before”, he said, “I’ll take a look if you don’t mind me poking around down there”. “No…that’s…not at all, thank you”, Ellen blurted as she put her hands against the wall and leaned forwards.

Mike knelt down and lifted her skirt, “Do you mind if I…”, he started, as he peeled at her underwear, “No, take them off”, She replied. She couldn’t help quivering and squirming while he did so as her anus tried to expel the giant log.

Parting her buttocks revealed the enormous, firm shit peeking out from inside her. “Ellen, try to push for me”, he asked, then watched as her anus opened wide, but not nearly wide enough to allow the turd to emerge. It was way too big to come out unassisted. She winced and moaned with pain as she tried to get herself back under control.

“OK, this looks like a quite serious case of constipation”, he told her, “I am going to apply some gel that will relax your anal muscles so that your anus can open wider”. “Ok…that sounds good”, she panted as another urge to shit made her quiver and sweat. “I need to know if you’ve taken any laxatives first though Ellen”, he continues, “No, no I haven’t”, she lied.

Mike used a finger to apply the gel to the inside of her anus, it was a very tight fit to get his finger in there at all. Each movement of his finger caused Ellen to squirm and cry out some more.

“Can…can you give me some laxative too?”, she cried as she clutched at her stomach and bent at the knees. “I do have an instant acting laxative, but we need to wait about 20 minutes before you can have that”, came the reply. “Why?”, she asked. He touched her sphincter and said “Because the gel will make your anus very sensitive while it works, and so forcing the shit out now will be very painful for you”.

“WHAT?”, Ellen shouted, worried as to what might happen next. “Don’t worry, I won’t give you the laxative until the gel has had time to work, then it will be OK”. “But…”, Ellen started, as she was forced to bend double by a very strong urge to shit, “…but I DID take some laxative!”, she cried out as she struggled to keep herself under control.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”, exclaimed Mike. “Because I wanted you to give me more!”, she cried back in reply. “Well, you’ll need to try to hold it in for about another 15 minutes if you can”, he told her.

She stumbled around Mikes living room in considerable discomfort. She could feel the laxative she had taken earlier taking effect, bringing stronger and stronger urges to shit. At the same time the nerve endings around her anus were starting to become very sensitive due the effect of the gel. It was also having its muscle loosening effect.

“oohhhh”, she moaned as a strong urge made her clutch onto the end of the sofa, “ohh fuck, that hurts”. Mike lifted her skirt to see that he anus was being torn unusually wide, “can you close it?”, he asked. She tried with all her strength to clench but could not do much to fight the advancing log back. “No..I can’t, it feels..uuuurrrgghhhhh”, she grunted as another push forced the enormous shit forwards.

Mike watched as the first inch or so emerged, it was gigantic. “Ellen, how long has it been since you went to the toilet?”, he asked. “about….uuurrghhhh fuck”, she whimpered as it felt like her anus was being torn off. She felt so sensitive inside that she may as well have been trying to pass a tree trunk.

Ellen shot her hand down to her rear and painfully pushed the monster back inside, “It’s been about a week!”.

She was jumping from foot to foot and starting to cry. “Mike…just give me the instant laxative, I can’t take this!”, she shouted at him. Sweat poured form her, the was no chance she could keep still at all. “OK, if you’re sure”.

She waited while he prepared the medicine. The insides of her anus burned in agony with the sheer size of the log, and the force it was trying to move with. “Here, drink this and then squat, it will help”. He handed her a glass and she downed the contents and sank to her knees.

Immediately she felt a tightness in her stomach, the feeling moved quickly down through her intestines and into her rectum. Then she was hit with the most desperate urge to shit she had ever felt. “uuuurrrrgghhhaaaahhh”, she screamed out as he anus felt like was torn apart. There was nothing she could do to stop the monster log from coming out.

Ellen fell forwards so she was on all fours as the first two inches emerged. Mike looked to see an astonishingly thick column of shit sticking out of her. Tears streamed down her face and she screamed as another agonising few inches moved slowly forwards. “It’s coming Ellen!”, Mike said, stating the obvious”. “I FUCKING KNOW MIKE!”, she screamed, “I FUCKING KNOW IT IS!”.

She scrambled to her feet but remained bent at the knees, “nnnnnngggghhhhhh”, she grunted as she pushed another few inches out, “fuck..fuck…FUCK…uuurrrggghhh”. She stood up almost fully but bent over at the waist, the shit was halfway to her knees in length and thicker than her arm.

Agonising inch after agonising inch moved slowly out until around 18 inches had emerged. The giant, thick log then fell from her and onto the floor. Ellen collapsed onto the floor too and continued to cry a bit. “Oh my god”, said Mike, inspecting the turd. “You could probably hammer nails in with this!”, he exclaimed, unable to believe how hard it was.

It would be four days before Ellen could sit comfortably again, and two before she could walk properly.

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  1. That is why I much prefer soft poop.If it is firm I am scared it will hurt,so I take liquid stool softener so it will come out nice and easy and it feels so good as it spreads all over my bum as it fills my cotton panties.It is worth getting messy for the pleasure it brings.

  2. I take psyllium powder daily to keep the “machinery greased”. It makes pooping much easier, and pleasurable I might add. It also seems to act as a “binding agent” so the poop isn’t so messy so when it comes out, I don’t seem to ever need more than one wipe of toilet paper. My bms are almost always firm and malleable. It’s also amazing how pooping a good sized bm gives your whole body the feel-goods. Must trigger endorphin hormone or something. Our anal area is very rich in nerves so that may be the reason why. Pooping is such pleasure when it comes out smoothly!

  3. So erotic. How much I envy the doctor.

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