An accident remembered

So one night a couple of years back i tried laxatives and with a large dose.  I didn’t feel it till the next day at about 10am when i was in school.  My stomach was cramping up really bad any in was stuck in school for two more hours.  I knew i would be able to make it so i went to my principle and asked him if i go home because i wasn’t feeling good and he told me to at least stay for the next period.  I said that i would and that was the longest class i had ever sat through.  my stomach started to make weird noises and i ask if i could go to the bathroom.  I tried to hold it in as well as could and i then i farted. it wasn’t too bad because it only gave my boxers a speck.  My stomach started to feel a little better so i wipe the spot and pull out my spray.  I returned to my class and sat through the rest of it with slight cramping.  After my class was over i went back to the principal’s office and he let me go home so i carefully walk to my car and sit down.  I start to drive to my parents house (this is where i was living at the time) and the cramps start hitting me hard and my ass begins to leak a little bit.  I sped home and got there before i dropped a load into my pants.  My parents arn’t home and probably wont show up till about three so i’m little bit more relaxed mentally thought i’m clenching my ass as much as i can.  I get to my front door, unlock the door, and walked in.  I start walking towards the bathroom and that was when i knew i wasn’t going to be able to make it so i began to run.  The second my hand closed the bathroom door my ass released the biggest shit i have ever experienced.  I literally filled the backside of my tighty whities with runny diarrhea which stained into my Light blue jeans.  It even shot up my back a little and got my shirt. My pants were semi-tight so the poop slowly slid down into my shoes. i had a strong feeling that more would come and since i was home a lone i grabbed some duck tape and tapped the bottom of my jeans so they wouldn’t leak as much.  I started to jog in place for a little while to move everything around and when i was sure more was coming i got into position and then out came even more runny shit that forces a bunch of shit to the base of my legs.  i continued this for about an hour and my pants were filled about to 1/3 of my lower legs with poop.  I stepped into the tub and laid down. Then i continued to raise my legs into the air.  Gravity took its course and the poop rushed to my ass and my whole lower body ended up getting completely covered with poop and a large portion of my back and stomach.  I beated it and then began cleaning and when my parents returned home my mess was gone along with those clothes.  I still fantasize about that day and it still gets me hard as i hope it does for you.

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