An accident on a busy street

This week I had another accident. It’s been a couple of months since my last one but I’ve been doing a fair bit to loosen up the ass recently and results are blooming.

Anyway, I hadn’t been to the loo all day. It has been busy at work and every time I went to the loo they were busy. Which meant by the end of the day I was rather in need of the loo from both ends. Since I’ve been wrecking my hole and dabbling more in diapers I’ve really noticed that my ability to hold pee and poo is has really started to go. Something made evident on my journey back from work.

My commute is 45mins, I thought I’d be fine to get home but it would seem my body had other ideas. On the tube back I could really feel things starting to move around and tried hard to squeeze my poor ass muscles with little effect. And for some reason a little burst of pee seemed to escape too. Not enough to show on trousers, but I knew there was a patch on my boxers for sure.

After surviving the tube, I then had a 5min walk home. Now, if you’ve read my previous true stories you’ll know that stairs aren’t my friend, and as I climbed out the tube and back above ground, the steps had begun an irreversible movement below.

It was really busy on the street as always, drizzling a bit and I was speed walking to make it back. I didn’t even make it half way before I could feel it sliding out of my ass. A huge, pretty soft load just came out and filled my boxers. It was so much that I had to waddle as it was forcing my legs apart. I also peed a whole bunch leaving very obvious streaks down my jeans.

Idk how no one noticed! I got home to clean up and it was worse than I thought. Shit was all over my ass as my skinny jeans and pressed in all in and forced in around my bum. I had to go straight in the shower and clothes straight in the washing machine.

At this rate, I may need to start buying diparers for real!

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