Amy’s Weekend

The sun shown through the windows, lighting up Amy’s bedroom and slowly stirring her awake, still quite groggy from the night before. It was Saturday morning and she and her girlfriends really partied it up Friday night.
“What did I do last night?” she thought as she turned her head to see what time it was. Laying in bed, her head pounding, she tried to piece together the events of last night.
“I remember going out and having dinner, then hitting the clubs afterwards. But somewhere along the way everything gets a bit fuzzy. Did I really have that much to drink?”
After a few moments of laying in bed, Amy noticed something odd. She realized that she had gone to bed in just her bra and her tight skinny jeans that she wore last night. But that wasn’t the odd part, her jeans felt wet.
“I must have gotten so drunk that I passed out after taking my shirt off and wet my bed!”
Too shocked to look, she just lay there and slowly moved her right hand down to her crotch to confirm her fears. Sure enough the crotch of her jeans felt wet.
“27 year olds should not be wetting their bed! But I guess I was really drunk and didn’t wake up. Well, I better just get up and get myself and the bed cleaned up.”
She pulled her blankets back, sat up and shuffled into the bathroom to take a quick shower. She reached to unbutton her jeans, but was stopped by what she thought was her belt. Looking down at her waist she couldn’t believe it. What she thought was a belt, was actually a small chain strung through her jeans like a belt and fastened with a small padlock.
“Oh my God! What the hell is this?”
Frantically she tried pulling it off but it was no use, she was stuck.
Immediately she thought maybe one of her friends had something to do with it, possibly a prank or a drunken dare. Either way, she had to get it off, she was getting pretty desperate for her morning pee. In a panic she called her friends, but their memories were also a bit fuzzy, and she didn’t really want to get into much detail about her embarrassing predicament. After some conversation and trying to remember what happened, one of her friends did mention that she did remember Amy getting a ride home with someone else that she hooked up with at one of the clubs.
“Oh crap!” She thought, “What if this person, whom I don’t know, or even how to contact has the key to this lock!?”
Amy panicked, and began rummaging through her apartment trying to find any key that might work, but found nothing.
“Maybe I can pick the lock with something!”
She found a paperclip and began working it inside the lock. Her need to pee was getting worse, enough that she couldn’t stand still while trying to pick the lock open. Suddenly she felt a small spurt escape into her still damp panties and jeans. Amy gasped and grabbed her crotch.
“This can’t be happening.” Closing her eyes, hoping maybe this was all a nightmare and things will be back to normal when she opens them. But opening her eyes, nothing changed, she still needed to pee very badly and she was still locked in her jeans. Slowly, she walked into her bathroom, looked at the toilet and resigned herself to her fate. With her jeans still on, she slowly sat down on the toilet, relaxed and released all of her pee into her jeans. Closing her eyes she could feel her crotch and ass becoming warm and wet. She felt a wave of relief as she just let everything out. Opening her eyes she looked down, her crotch was soaked and she could feel the wetness had soaked up her ass as well. As she stood up she felt some of it also soak down the inside of her thighs.
“Oh God what do I do?”
Thinking for a moment, she then removed her bra, stepped into the shower, and turned on the hot water. She slowly stepped under the spray and felt her jeans becoming completely soaked, the hot water felt nice as it flowed over her and soaking into her jeans, she felt relaxed. Staying in the shower for quite some time, she ended up washing her hair and upper body. She then also used soap to scrub her jeans and wash them out as best as she could.
After turning the water off, she dried herself as best as she could with a towel, then had an idea. Getting out her hair dryer, she began using that to try and dry her jeans. It was taking longer than expected, but she got them to be just damp.
“They’ll eventually dry out,” she thought. Going back into her bedroom, she threw on a t-shirt and some flip-flops, then went to the kitchen to make some coffee and figure out how to get out of this mess.
While drinking her coffee she began to search around her apartment for any clues as to what happened and who she went home with last night. After several hours of searching she eventually found her purse under her bed. Quickly she dumped it out, hoping to find even just a phone number she can call. Nothing appeared to be stolen, but all she found was receipts from her dinner and bar tabs.
“Wow, I guess we did drink a lot!” She kind of laughed looking at all the bar receipts. Then she found another receipt.
“Taco Bell?! Oh God I never go there! I am never drinking again!”
Feeling defeated she slumped down onto her bed in resentment, then felt her wet sheets.
“Oh yeah, I guess I have laundry to do.”
With nothing better to do than pass the time, she stripped her bed of the wet sheets and began a load of laundry. Next to her dryer, she noticed that she had a load of clean clothes that needed to be folded and put away, picking up the basket she walked into her bedroom and began folding.
With a stack of folded panties in her hand, she walked to her dresser to put them in her drawer. But when she pulled open her underwear drawer, she noticed a pair of handcuffs. Shocked, she dropped her folded panties on the floor. Picking up the handcuffs, she examined them.
“Where did these come from? These aren’t mine!”
While looking at them she noticed that her wrists had faint red marks around them.
“What kind of kinky shit did I get into last night?!”
She was about to put them down when she noticed a small folded piece of paper that was underneath them in her underwear drawer. She picked it up and slowing began unfolding it. The piece of paper was a hand written note.
“Dear Amy,” it began to read. Amy closed her eyes, afraid to read any further.
“What if this reveals what happened last night? I’m too afraid to find out. But what if this was the person with the key?”
She opened her eyes and continued reading.
“Dear Amy, wow, what a time we had last night! You are one wild woman! I’m sorry I wasn’t there in the morning to say goodbye, but I had an early flight. As you requested, I locked you in your jeans and took the key with me until I return on Sunday evening. I can’t wait to see you and have some more “fun”! J.”
Amy was shocked.
“Wait, I requested to be locked in my pants?! And the only clue I have to who this might be is their first initial of their first name?! What am I supposed to do until Sunday evening?”
Amy sat for a few minutes, trying to take all of this in. She took another sip of coffee, then felt her stomach twinge.
“Oh God! The Taco Bell! I must get these jeans off!”
Amy went to her closet and grabbed her toolbox, looking for anything that might help. Finding a pliers she hoped maybe she could bend one of the loops in the chain. But looking at it realized that the links were all sealed loops. Then she saw a wire cutters. She tried cutting the lock first, but it wasn’t going to happen. Then she tried the chain with the same result. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she felt her stomach twinge again and released a small fart.
“This can’t be happening!”
Amy took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. Looking at her watch she noticed that it was about noon, but she was to afraid to eat or drink anything. Feeling defeated, she grabbed a blanket and went to curl up on her couch to binge out on some Netflix to pass the time. She decided on an marathon of Mad Men. After a few episodes, Amy drifted off to sleep.
She woke several hours later feeling bloated with a stomach ache and needing to pee again. She got up and walked to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and just peed through her jeans again. She sat for a moment and felt some pressure in her stomach return. She pushed out some gas to relieve some pressure, careful not to push too hard.
Feeling hungry, Amy went into the kitchen to grab a small snack and some water, then grabbed an old blanket and went back to the couch. She laid the old blanket out to sit on so as not to get pee on her seat cushions, wrapped back up in her other blanket and sat down to continue watching Mad Men.
Half way through the next episode, Amy felt a sharp cramp in her stomach. It made her wince and bend forward at the waste. She fought through it and as it subsided she began to realize what was inevitably going to happen.
With tears in her eyes she thought, “Why would I request to be locked in my pants for a whole weekend?”
Laying down on her side and resting her head on a pillow, she made herself comfortable. It wasn’t long before the next cramp hit. This time though, she didn’t resist, Amy just closed her eyes and let nature take its course. She felt her stomach convulse and involuntarily began pushing. She cringed as the first bit of poop exited her ass and pushed against her panties. Another cramp and she pushed again. More came out and this time she felt the mess spread out in her panties. She took a breath, felt another cramp and pushed again, this time more forcefully, trying to push her entire mess out and get it over with. She could feel this last wave spread up her ass and forward in her panties. When she was done, she just laid there, watching Mad Men until she drifted off to sleep again.
Exhausted from the events of Saturday, Amy slept right up until Sunday morning. She woke feeling refreshed but really needed to pee. Shifting herself to sit up she felt the mess smoosh around in her pants, and the events of Saturday came back to her. Carefully, she stood up and walked over to her toilet. As she slowly sat down, she could feel her jeans stretch tighter across her ass and squish her mess further up and forward, this time pushing past the leg bands of her panties and out into her jeans. Amy relaxed and emptied her bladder into her messy panties and jeans. She could feel her warm pee mixing with her poop, making it softer and feeling it squish around in her pants further. When she finished peeing, Amy sat for a while, looking at her shower, wishing she could just jump in and rinse off.
Realizing there is nothing more she can do until J. comes back in the evening, she stood up and went into her kitchen. After not eating all day yesterday, Amy was starving. She made herself some coffee along with a big plate of eggs, bacon, and orange juice.
After breakfast, she continued with her laundry that she had started yesterday, trying to keep busy in anticipation of finally being able to remove her wet and messy jeans later in the day. She just wish she knew who J. was.
It was now almost lunch time, and Amy was actually getting used to the feeling of her messy pants, to the point where she really didn’t mind them at all. She needed to pee again, but this time she wanted to try something different. Instead of sitting on her toilet, she stepped into her shower. Amy relaxed and let her pee flow. It again mixed with her mess, softening it up even more, but because she was standing, she now felt the warmth soaking down and around her legs, almost like when she showered yesterday. Closing her eyes she moaned as the warmth soaked down her legs. She jolted herself back to reality when she realized her right hand was slowly rubbing over her wet crotch.
“Oh God! I think I may be enjoying this a little too much!”
Amy immediately stopped. She decided to go back to watch Netflix to pass the time until J. arrives. The blankets were still on her couch so she just sat down. Sitting down put pressure on her mess and caused it spread out a lot more than she expected. Spreading forward, down her legs, and up her back. Again she felt that little twinge of pleasure in her vagina.
“What the hell is going on in my mind?!”
Amy tries to forget about it and continues watching Mad Men. Sitting on her couch, every time she shifts herself a little bit she can feel her mess move around in her pants, and again it was beginning to turn her on. She tries to think about something else, but it’s getting more difficult to forget about. Out of curiosity, Amy slowly moves her right hand to her crotch. She pushes her finger onto her jeans and feels her mess squish around as she begins to rub her pussy. The harder she rubs, the messier her pants gets, and the more she gets turned on. Amy begins moaning out loud in pleasure. It doesn’t take her long before she brings herself to an amazing orgasm, coincidently during the same scene when Freddy Rumsen wets his pants.
Amy finally calms down, a slight smile on her face as she thinks, “This weekend really was all that bad.” She lays down and drifts off to sleep.
Amy is startled away by a knock at her door!
“Oh God, is it J.?”
Amy gets up from the couch, her mess shifting in her pants with every step as she walks to the door. Before unlocking it she peers through her peephole. The person outside her door is facing away, so Amy can’t see their face. But she is shocked to notice that it is a woman. Confused, she pulls back.
“Amy, please open the door, I really need to come in!”
Slowly, Amy undoes the lock and opens the door. There, standing in front of her is one of her girlfriends from Friday night, Jenny! Immediately Jenny holds up a small key, “Looking for this?”
Jenny enters the apartment, and closes the door behind her. She closes her eyes, as if relaxed to be home. Then Amy notices that Jenny’s jeans are rapidly soaking from her crotch and running down her legs.
“Oh God I’ve been holding it all day!”
Amy watch in shock as Jenny’s pants became absolutely soaked. Then she noticed Jenny’s face went from relaxed to a slight strain. Suddenly she heard a soft crackling noise and realized that Jenny was completely filling her pants as well.
“Taco Bell always does that to me,” Jenny giggled. “And I see it did the same for you, Amy!”
Amy blushed, but seeing Jenny like this was getting her turned on again. She stepped closer to Jenny, “Hold on to that key just a bit longer.”
Amy leaned in and began kissing Jenny. Amy then reached her hands around to Jenny’s ass and began massaging the mess in her jeans, squishing it all over in her pants. Jenny moaned with pleasure and reached for Amy’s mess.
“No fair Amy, your mess is already squished all over your jeans.”
“I couldn’t help it, I had my accident last night.”
Jenny revealed the key again and unlocked Amy’s jeans, “Let’s finish this in the shower. Then we can cuddle and you can tell me all about your weekend of being locked in your jeans.”

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  1. This is just incredible, the best scat story I’ve ever read. It’s not too much for anyone into it but is laid out nicely and best part is I didnt see the conclusion coming!

  2. Ladies that story was awesome and hope to hear more good stuff !!! I had an erection the whole time I read it !! hugs and keep em coming !!

  3. Nice Story would love to hear more of your tails that followed afterward. If you decide to get locked up again I would recommend getting some
    rain pants to wear over the jeans so you don’t mess up were you sit.

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