(American) Football Reunion Part II

Just as they were nodding off, Mike made a painful groan and clutched his stomach.  Explosive diarrhea was filling Mike’s diaper again.  Kent turned to Mike and with a smile said ‘lucky you’.  Mike apologized for shitting again.  Kent told him to enjoy it, it was better than not being able to go like him.

Mike got out of bed to change his full diaper.  Kent followed him into the bathroom to attempt a bowel movement.  After Mike had cleaned up and put on another clean diaper, he asked Kent how it was going.  Kent just shook his head no to indicate he still could not shit.  He said he felt it start to crown in his ass, but no sooner was it there then it seemed to move back up into his bowels.  He was in pain from the pressure that had built up in his gut.  Not only that, but because of the pressure, he was unable to completely empty his bladder.  A little dribble of piss would escape, but that was about it.  He told Mike that once everything let loose, he would probably need a plunger to push his logs down the toilet.    

They finally settled back into bed, and dozed off.  Sometime later, Kent began to stir.  He rubbed his stomach, it had become quite distended.   He hoped rubbing it would ease the pain he had in his gut, which now had extended to his back.  He got up and headed for the bathroom to try and finally relieve the bloated uncomfortable pain.  Mike heard a lot of loud grunting and moaning coming from the bathroom and was concerned about Kent.  Then there was silence.  He was about to get out of bed to check on him, when Kent emerged in the bedroom door still looking distraught.  Mike asked him if he was able to go, ‘no’ was his only response.  Kent let Mike know that this was the worst he had ever felt.  He had never gone this long without being able to have a bowel movement.  Usually it lasted a couple of days.  He said he could sympathize with the pain Mike was having.  If it were anything like what he was feeling, it was as though he was going to shit out a bowling ball.

Kent got back into bed, and Mike got out of bed and went to his computer to look up some home remedies for this type of chronic desperation.  One of the remedies showed step by step instructions for a massage treatment.  He asked Kent if he minded if he tried the massage on him.  Kent told him to go ahead; it could not make matters any worse.  He told Kent to roll on his back.  Mike started by folding back Kent’s briefs so they were just barely covering his pubes and butt hole.  He then began the massage as instructed.  After a while he had Kent roll on his stomach to finish the massage.  This whole massage took about half an hour to complete.  When done, Mike pulled Kent’s briefs back up and asked him how he felt.  Kent told him that he felt no different, but thanked him for the massage anyway. 

Mike awoke to the sound of Kent snoring.  Kent was lying on his back and by the sound of the snoring he knew Kent was in a very deep sleep.  Still asleep, Kent began farting.  Not little toots, but long foul smelling ones that were coming from deep within his bowels.  Mike thought that was good sign, this may mean things are moving through his system now. Moments later, Mike heard the distinctive sound of poop crackling.  Mike shoved his hand down the back of his diaper, and immediately knew it was not coming from him.  His diaper was still clean and dry.  Kent was shitting while asleep.  Surely Kent would wake up when he felt himself going or got a whiff of how potent it smelled.  Mike was not sure what to do.  If he were to wake up Kent, he might stop going and have more problems.  Mike threw back the covers and watched as Kent filled his briefs.  Kent was lying on his back with his legs spread apart.  The crackling continued, and Mike could see the large logs pushing against Kent’s briefs and piling up.  While he was shitting, he began to piss himself.  Mike decided he had better try to wake Kent up.  He nudged Kent, but Kent was in such a deep sleep that he did not wake up.  Big hard solid logs were being pushed up and smashing against the front of Kent’s briefs; it was obvious his cock and balls were covered with it.  Shit was also coming out the leg openings of his briefs.  Mike continued to nudge Kent until he finally woke up.  He was in a stupor.  When he did finally regain full consciousness, Mike asked him how he felt.  Kent asked what he meant, then realized he was pissing and messing his briefs. 

Kent was mortified.  It was bad enough that he was pissing and shitting himself, but he was doing it in someone else’s bed.  He had never crapped in his pants before, at least not as an adult.  He tried to get out of the bed, but Mike’s arm came down on him and prevented him from getting up.  Mike told him to let it out before attempting to move.  To ease Kent’s anguish and embarrassment about what he was doing, Mike told him the bed was protected against such accidents.  He had many shitting and pissing accidents in bed over the years.    

Kent knew there would be no stopping once he started anyway.  It had built up so much that it wanted out.  His once white briefs were now a combination of piss yellow, caca brown, and soaking wet.  It was obvious they were ruined.  When Kent stopped crapping in his underpants, Mike told him it was his turn to take care of Kent.  

Mike told Kent to stay in bed and he would be right back.  Mike returned with a bed pad, wet and dry towels, and a pocket knife.  He told Kent to raze is butt so that he could slide the bed pad under him and catch as much as possible.  Before Kent even realized what was happening, a quick flick of the knife and Mike sliced both sides of Kent’s briefs so they were splayed open.  Mike washed down Kent’s poop covered cock and balls, pushing the poop onto Kent’s briefs.  With his cock and balls all cleaned up, Mike pulled Kent’s briefs from between his legs and folded them into themselves like a soiled filled diaper.  Mike had Kent roll over onto his stomach so he could clean up his butt.  Kent obediently turned over, making sure he was still positioned on the bed pad.  Mike went to work with a hot wet cloth to remove the caked poop.  No sooner had Mike inserted the towel into Kent’s butt, Kent shit again.  Another long thick log exited his butt hole, and fell down his butt.  Kent apologized and said he knows there is more to come.  Mike responded with ‘not a problem’.  Mike again inserted the hot towel into Kent’s butt and cleaned him up.  Then he cleaned the area surrounding his butt hole.  Once Kent was all cleaned up, Mike carefully removed the soiled bed pad making sure he did not get anything on Kent and replaced it with a clean one.  Then Mike dried him off with a dry towel.

Kent turned over and was now lying on his back.  Kent was unable to hide the fact that he had an erection.  Mike noticed it, but did not say anything about it.  Mike asked him if he wanted to take a shower now or just wait until the morning.   Kent said he would wait until the morning, he was still quite tired.  Kent let Mike know he was concerned about sleeping in his bed because his underwear was gone and he had no safeguard if he started shitting in his sleep again.  Mike told Kent not to worry; he would take care of that.  Mike produced a fresh diaper for Kent and told Kent this would take care of everything.  Kent did not object.  Kent raised his butt off the bed and Mike fitted the diaper on him making sure his erect cock was adjusted to fit into the diaper.  To be sure there would be no problems; Mike put a pair of plastic pants over Kent’s diaper.  Mike then quickly changed the bed linen so they could go back to sleep.

Mike woke up first.  He put his hand down the back of his diaper and then the front, and smiled.  He did not want to stir too much for fear of awakening Kent.  However, a few minutes later Kent woke up.  Mike asked him how he felt.  Kent thought about it for a few moments, and responded he was feeling very good.  His stomach distress seemed to be completely gone.  Kent put his hand over his diapered butt and realized he had shit again while he was asleep.  However, between the diaper and the plastic pants, there was no leakage.  For this Kent was pleased, but he was not happy about having crapped in his pants again.  How many times did he do it in his sleep?  He had no idea.  Mike made light of the situation and reminded Kent that he Mike pissed and pooped regularly without knowing it was happening.  Kent then asked Mike how he was feeling.  Mike let him know that he had not had any pain since last night, and as a matter of fact, he did not piss or mess his diaper during the night.  He added that he would never eat and drink like that again.  It was just too much for his delicate digestive system to handle.  Kent questioned if Mike thought being picked up and hugged the way he had done may have caused any of Mike’s problems.  Mike said ‘probably not, most likely it was all the food’.      

Mike inquired if Kent had any appointments he had to keep today.  Kent responded that he did not.  Mike said that’s good.  He would make them some coffee and then breakfast and have a relaxing morning before cleaning up and showering.  They got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.  Kent sat in one of the kitchen chairs while Mike made coffee.  When Kent sat down, he felt his fully loaded diaper being smashed by the weight of his body.  It surprised him how erotic it felt!  Slippery poop was going up his ass crack at the same time it was covering his cock and balls.  He got another erection and was embarrassed that he liked what he was feeling.  In the meantime Mike was filling the coffee carafe at the kitchen sink, and let loose with a torrent of flatulence.  Kent looked over at him quickly enough to see the back of his diaper push against this plastic pants as he started shitting.  Mike never skipped a beat.  He moved across the kitchen without stopping.  Kent asked him if he knew he was messing his diaper.  Mike said he was aware of it once it started crowning his ass, but did not have any feeling of urgency before that.   Mike asked Kent if he minded that he was shitting while he made breakfast.  Kent said no, and added that he was sitting here with his diaper filled, so he had no reason to mind.  Kent said it looked like things were somewhat normal in the pooping department.  Mike nodded and said ‘yes, and hopefully no more explosive diarrhea’.

Kent was fascinated and stared at Mike while he filled his diaper. Yesterday he did not have the luxury to watch and study Mike when he messed himself.  There was an urgency to fix the situation.  Kent asked Mike if he minded being watched taking a crap.  Mike responded that he did not mind.  It also didn’t matter if he were doing it in his diaper or on the toilet.  He liked being watched, because it was such a forbidden thing.  Mike had a feeling he knew what Kent wanted to do, so after pouring the water into the coffee maker and turning it on, he turned around and saw that Kent was rubbing his hard cock through his plastic pants and diaper.  Mike walked over and stood in front of him.  Kent reached up and slid Mike’s plastic pants down and removed them.  He started to fondle and squeeze Mike’s filled diaper.  Mike got an immediate erection.  His warm poop was being pushed back up his ass and around the front to his cock and balls.  Mike spread his legs apart so Kent had complete access to his crotch.  Kent ran his hand up and down Mike’s diaper covered crotch, until with his finger he ripped an opening in Mike’s diaper.  He inserted his finger into the tear and pushed aside the absorbent layers until he found Mike’s man hole.  With his finger he probed Mike’s shit filled hole.  Kent slid his finger in and out of Mike’s hole, a little deeper with each insertion.  Mike pushed his body weight down wanting to have Kent penetrate his hole even more.         

Kent pulled down the front of Mike’s diaper and stroked his full hard cock.  Mike’s head was swimming in ecstasy.  He did not know he started to piss on Kent.  Once he realized he was pissing he pushed Kent’s finger out of his ass and tried to pull up his diaper to encapsulate his piss.  Kent prevented him from pulling his diaper up and directed Mike’s piss stream so that it was hitting Kent in the face and going into his open mouth.  Piss was running out of Kent’s mouth and down his chest.  Mike’s erection remained all the while he pissed.  Once Mike finished empting his bladder he looked down at Kent’s crotch and saw that his rock hard cock was sticking out the top of his diaper, but was still contained within his plastic pants.  Mike took a step back and motioned for Kent to stand up.  When Kent was standing Mike slid his plastic pants down to below his knees.  Mike began to jerk Kent off through his diaper.  The more Mike stroked Kent’s already large cock, the bigger it got.  So much more than just his cock head was now sticking out over his diaper.  Kent took Mike’s cock again in his hand.  Both men furiously jacked each other off.  They both shot their loads at almost the same time, and all over each other.  Hot creamy white cum shot out of their cocks in streams and splattered on their chests.   They were both quite weak in the knees after they came.

Mike pulled his diaper back up, and Kent stuffed his cock back into his diaper.  Coffee was now ready.  Mike spread a towel on the seat of his chair so that if anything leaked out the hole in his diaper the chair was protected.    Neither one of them wiped the ejaculated cum off their chests, they just let it slide down until it was absorbed by their diapers.  They sat at the table and enjoyed their coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast Kent told Mike to take his shower first, he knew he needed to have a sit down and attempt another bowel movement, but did not want to do it in his diaper.  He wanted to make sure he was able to use the toilet.  Mike said that was fine with him.  He left the kitchen and headed for the bathroom and Kent followed him.  When they got into the bathroom Mike removed his diaper.  He told Kent to lean over the sink so that he could clean Kent’s ass of the packed lodged poop.  Kent leaned on the sink.  His round bubble butt was in front of Mike.  He gently and carefully, removed Kent’s diaper.  Mike wanted to fuck him right there as he was leaning on the sink, but thought better of it.   Mike got a hot wet cloth and wiped Kent’s butt, cock and balls.  He inserted is finger covered by the hot washcloth deep into Kent’s ass.  Kent jumped slightly, quietly moaned and relaxed.  ‘Feels good, doesn’t it?’ Mike asked him.  Kent did not say anything; his hard cock was all Mike needed to see to know Kent was enjoying it.  Mike said it would be more comfortable if he were not sitting on his own poop while trying to go in the toilet.  Once his ass was clean, Kent went into the toilet room and sat down on the toilet.

Mike was just finishing his shower when Kent entered the shower smiling.  Mike said he gathered that the big smile Kent had on his face meant he was able to relieve himself while on the toilet.  Kent said yes, and it was one of the best and easiest dumps he had in a long time.  He said he was not sure but perhaps the massage he received made a big difference, or it was the hot washcloth before attempting to go.  In either case, he would have to come back on a regular basis for more of Mike’s treatments.  Mike chuckled; told him anytime and slapped Kent on the ass as he exited the shower.

After he finished drying off Kent realized he did not have any clean clothing to put on.  He went to Mike’s bedroom to borrow something to wear.  Mike said he could help Kent.  They were both about the same height and build.  Mike gave Kent a clean shirt, slacks, and socks.  He told Kent that he did not have any briefs that would even compare to what he had worn yesterday, and besides he did not wear or own any underwear.  Kent smiled and said he would take a clean diaper and plastic pants then.  He would enjoy wearing them under his clothing. 

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  1. Great story. Written very well, and held interest all the way through. Right amount of detail, and I look forward to the next part.

  2. One of the most enjoyable stories on here, I hope there is more to come.

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