(American) Football Reunion Part I

Mike, a strapping twenty-nine year old former football jock loved and lived football.   As a college football quarterback; he was a top pick for the pros.  However an accident in his senior year ended his football career and almost ended his life.  During a play, he was tackled with such force; some of his internal organs were bruised and damaged.  After he had healed, he was able to feel the urge to empty his bladder and bowels, but by the time he felt the urge it was too late.  He would end up wetting and messing himself.  The injuries to his internal organs were serious enough that Mike would have to wear diapers for the rest of his life.    He tried to keep to a regular schedule of going to the bathroom so he could empty himself, and not mess in his diaper.  He also was very careful with his diet, so as not to cause his digestive system any undue distress.  

Wearing a diaper was just a slight inconvenience to him, nothing more.  Sometimes he would even take advantage of the necessity to wear one.  He never had to miss any of the action when he watched a sporting event.  Also, when taking long trips he did not have to stop and look for a restroom.  The only issue he had wearing a diaper was occasionally it would leak, and he ended up with wet pants.  This he easily remedied by wearing plastic pants which he would do if he thought it was going to be necessary.   

Today, Mike was looking forward to seeing a major football game being played by his alma mater.  It was also a reunion of his college football team.  The game was being televised, and they were going to watch it from a hotel banquet room.  He was elated about seeing his old football friends, some of them he had not seen since college.  He drove to the hotel and had the valet park his car for him.  To his surprise, there were banners and signs in the hotel lobby for the reunion.  It was a much bigger affair than Mike had expected.  He entered the banquet room and was immediately met by his friends, one of which handed Mike a bottle of beer.  Mike knew he should not drink beer, as it usually went right through him and he would piss soon after drinking it.  He accepted the beer, and took a small sip out of it.  More and more of his friends showed up as the football game started.  It was being projected on multiple screens throughout the room.   

Mike was getting into the game, and being as rowdy as his football buds.  Instead of sipping on the beer and making it last, he unconsciously downed the beer in a short period of time and was drinking another one, followed by a few more.  There were finger foods being served, but Mike made a conscious effort to avoid eating any of them.  When the halftime festivities began at the game, a large buffet was served to the party goers.  It was not healthy food!  It was a typical buffet, fatty foods with a lot of grease, high sodium, high carbs and a lot of bulk.  Mike watched his buddy’s munching and enjoying the foods.  He could not resist.  He started eating without regard for his delicate system.  Mike had lost count of the number of beers he had consumed, and the number of times he filled his plate with food. 

Late into the game, Mike’s best college buddy Kent finally showed up to the party.  They were both happy to see each other.  Kent ran over to Mike as soon as he saw him, and picked Mike with a bear hug.  As soon as Kent picked him up, Mike felt a sharp pain in his gut, but ignored it, and hoped it would pass soon and not be an issue.  Kent put Mike down quickly, realizing what he had done, and apologized for picking him up like that.  Mike waved it off as a non-issue.  Mike felt wetness in his diaper, and was concerned that he did not have any warning that he had to go.  It must have happened when Kent picked him up he thought to himself. 

Kent and Mike finished watching the game together.   In his excitement, Mike drank more beer.  After the game was over, Kent insisted Mike eat with him.  Mike was not hungry, but did not want to be impolite to Kent.  He joined Kent matching the large plate food he had.  Mike knew he had already eaten too much of the buffet.  To make matters worse, Mike had not kept to his bathroom schedule.  It was only a matter of time before he would have to leave the party and make his way home before he started shitting.  Whenever possible, Mike preferred using the toilet at his home.  He never knew how long he would have to sit on the toilet and wait for gravity to move things through his digestive system.  He felt self-conscious when he sat in a public restroom for a long period of time, especially if there was only one stall.      
No sooner had Mike finished eating, than he was pissing again.  He was worried now, because again he had not felt the urge to piss, and he was pissing.  The warmth felt good, but he had not worn a pair of plastic pants as a precaution today for multiple pissing into a diaper, nor did he have a spare diaper to change into.  Mike knew he had better make a quick exit for a bathroom.  He headed for the exit, but was stopped by Kent and his other buddies.  They were armchair quarterbacking the concluded football game, and wanted Mike’s opinion.  Mike was trapped.  He did not want to be impolite, so he joined them in there talk and gave his opinion.   

From his past experiences, Mike knew he would feel the urge to go only at the last moment, and if he did start to go, hopefully he would be able to make it to the bathroom before completely filling his diaper.  As they were all talking, Mike got another sharp pain in his gut, and knew he had better go find a bathroom.  He cut his contribution to the conversation short and headed to the exit.  As he was exiting the room, he felt crowning in his anus.  It looked like he was going to make it to the bathroom.  The bathroom he was heading for was closed and locked.  There was a note on the door ‘out of service’.  Mike had to go across the main lobby to the other side of the hotel.  That was the next nearest bathroom.  No sooner was Mike crossing the main lobby of the hotel when he ripped a fart.  He was unable to stifle the sound and echo of it as it left his ass.  The fart was not completely out, when Mike developed explosive diarrhea.  Foolishly Mike started running.  His diaper was quickly filling up with the greasy and fatty foods he had been eating.  Running only caused his already wet diaper to leak.  Mike elected to forgo the Men’s room and make a hasty exit from the hotel and go home.  Upon exiting the hotel he remembered he valet parked his car and would have to wait for the valet to bring the car to him.  He knew by now he had to smell bad.  He kept his distance from the valet when he handed him the claim ticket.  The valet gave Mike a strange look and took his time retrieving the keys and obtaining Mike’s car.  The diarrhea began to flow again.  Even if he wanted to, Mike could not stop himself.  As he stood impatiently waiting for the valet to bring his car around, piss and shit started running down his legs to the ground, and his tan slacks were darkening from being wet.  Mike was standing in a puddle of his own excrement. 

Mike heard someone calling his name from behind him.  He turned around only to see Kent running out the Hotel calling his name.  Mike put his hand up in a gesture to make Kent stop.  Kent did not.  He approached Mike only to see Mike’s pants were wet, and that he was standing in a brown puddle.  A foul smell smacked Kent in the face.  He was about to ask Mike why he had run out of the Hotel so quickly, but surmised what had happened.  Mike was humiliated.  Not only had he completely lost control of his bowels, but one of his oldest friends had now seen him with overflowing filled pants. 

Kent took control of Mike’s situation.  He told Mike that he would drive him home and asked where his car was.  Mike explained that he was waiting for the valet, and told Kent there was no need to drive him home.  Kent would not take no for an answer.  The more Mike protested the more adamant Kent became about driving him home.  When the valet brought the car around, Kent asked Mike if he had anything to cover the seat with.  Mike said yes that there was some plastic in the trunk.  Kent retrieved it and spread it out on the front seat of the car and helped Mike in.  As soon as Mike sat down, he felt everything ooze out of all the opening of his diaper.  Kent did not ask Mike too many questions on the drive to Mike’s house.  Mike gave him directions and Kent followed them.  Kent drove the car into the garage and shut the garage door as soon as they were in the garage.  Kent got out of the car first and opened the door for Mike.  Mike carefully got out of the car and looked at the plastic on the car seat.  A brown puddle had formed where he was sitting.  Kent was helping Mike to the door of the house when Mike doubled over and winced in pain.  Kent could hear diarrhea exiting Mike’s anus with furry.  Kent asked Mike if he was wearing underwear.  Mike sarcastically chuckled and told him he was wearing a diaper.  Kent told Mike to just stay there and keep filling them then.  Mike responded with ‘as if I have any choice!’  Unfortunately, Mike’s diaper was already full and the more diarrhea he had, the more his saturated diaper leaked and everything began to run out of it.  The diarrhea stopped and the pain began to subside.  

Kent spied a large round tub hanging on the wall in the garage and a pair of flip flops.  He asked Mike if they were for anything in particular.  Mike said no.  With that, Kent grabbed the flip flops, and took the tub off the wall and placed it on the floor and told Mike to stand in it.  Obediently Mike did as he was told leaking as he stepped into the tub.  Kent crouched down in front of Mike and looked up at him.  ‘Trust me’ Kent said and took one of Mike’s pant legs at the cuff.  With one good tug he ripped Mike’s pants all the way up the inseam to the crotch.  In doing so, he was splashed with Mike’s bodily fluids.  Mike yelled ‘what the fuck are you doing?’  Kent explained that at this point his pants were ruined they would never get clean, and whenever he moved, more diarrhea leaked out.  This was going to be the best way to contain everything for cleanup.  After a moment of analyzing the situation Mike agreed.  Kent ripped the other leg of Mike’s pants, also up and through the crotch.  Once torn completely open, poop that was caught in the crotch of Mike’s pants fell into the tub.  Kent removed Mike’s belt next.  Once off, Kent stepped behind Mike and tore the rear seam of Mike’s pants and let them fall into the tub.  Kent could see that Mike’s lower body was completely soaked and covered with feces.  Kent took Mike’s shoes and socks off one foot at a time, and put the flip flops on him.  This way he was not standing in it with his bare feet. 

Mike doubled over in pain again and started shitting.  Brown liquid poured out of every opening of Mike’s diaper.  The full soaking wet diaper was unable to hold anymore and started to slip from Mike’s waist.  Mike removed his shirt by pulling it over his head, even though it was not a pullover shirt.  In a quick move, Kent yanked down Mike’s full diaper.  It fell between Mike’s legs and landed with a splat into the tub.  Kent told Mike to squat down and continue in the tub.  A torrent of diarrhea continued.  The pain was once again gone and he stood up.  Both he and Kent were covered in splattered feces.  Mike apologized to Kent for getting him dirty, and Kent told him not to worry or give it a second thought and concluded with ‘friends always help friends’.

Kent asked Mike where he could find things inside the house so that Mike could clean up before entering the house.  Mike gave him all the information he needed.  Kent asked Mike if he minded if he stripped down so he did not track any of the mess into the house.  Mike said he had no objection.  Kent kicked off his shoes and then took off his socks before dropping his pants.  He unbuttoned and removed his shirt.  He wiped both their faces off with it.  Kent was down to nothing but his expensive looking well-fitted white briefs. 

Kent returned from the house with everything he needed to help Mike clean up enough so that he could enter the house and take a shower.  Kent assisted Mike in stepping out of the tub and removing his flip flops, before having him stand on a dry towel.  With a wet warm cloth Kent washed Mike and rinsed the cloth out in a basin of warm water he had brought from the house.  He gently wiped Mike’s cock and balls clean, and then he pressed the cloth between Mike’s ass cheeks to remove as much caked poop as possible.  Mike abruptly told Kent to stop, because the pain had returned and he doubled over.  Kent quickly grabbed a clean diaper that he had gotten from the house and stuffed it between Mike’s legs.  He pulled up the front and back of the diaper.  Kent pressed the tape tabs into place and adjusted the diaper.  Before Kent had removed his hands from Mike’s crotch and ass, he felt hot piss hitting the front of Mike’s diaper and diarrhea exiting Mike’s ass.  Mike was impressed as to how adept Kent was in putting a diaper on someone.  

When Mike stopped shitting, Kent asked him if he was ready to go into the house and take a shower, or did he want to stay in the garage for a while longer in case the pain started again.  Mike said he thought it would be alright to take a shower.  Kent followed Mike into the house and into the bathroom.  Kent turned the shower on for Mike and headed for the door to exit.  Mike asked him to stay and talk to him while he was in the shower.  Kent said sure and returned.  Mike carefully removed his soiled diaper and deposited it into the waste basket before entering the shower.  As Mike showered, Kent asked Mike if he minded if he attempted to take a shit, it had been a while, and he was feeling very bound up.  The toilet in the bathroom was located in its own room, so Kent would have privacy.  Kent said he would leave the door open so Mike could call or talk to him.  Mike said he had no objection, and completely understood.  Kent entered the toilet room and took off his briefs, and dropped them on the floor.  He sat down and pushed his ample cock between his legs. 

Mike heard grunting coming from the toilet room.  He turned the water off in the shower and exited it.  Kent asked him if everything was alright, and Mike responded that everything was well.  Mike entered the toilet room and stood naked in front of Kent.  Kent stopped grunting and said he was unable to take a shit.  He told Mike that it had already been over 3 days since his last bowel movement, and he was desperate to go, but could not.  Mike asked if there was anything he could do to help him.  Kent said no.  Mike left the room and put on a clean diaper and plastic pants.  Kent watched him and said he almost envied Mike in his situation.  He would evacuate his bowels whenever his body felt it was necessary and without even knowing it.  Whereas he had difficulty taking a shit most of the time; it did not matter what he tried to aid him, nothing worked.  With that said Kent got up off the toilet and put his briefs back on.   

Mike said he was going to get some water and asked Kent if he wanted anything.  Kent said sure and followed Mike to the kitchen.  Both men downed a large bottle of water.  After they drank their waters, Mike looked at the clock and realized how late it was.  He asked Kent if he would like to stay overnight.  Kent said that was not a problem for him.  After downing another large bottle of water each, they headed off to bed.  Mike told Kent he could either sleep on the sofa bed in the office or bunk in with him.  Kent elected to bunk in with Mike.    

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