Mary didn’t technically need to take summer classes, but she saw it as a fast track to graduation and something to pass the time. It’s her personality, you’ll get used to it if you hang out a bit more. It probably came about from a unique sense of individuality she obtained from…life. Mariko’s not mopey enough to blame herself for things, and in fact she has a decent enough relationship with her dad and his wife to be less trouble than most “middle children”. If anything she feels kind of bad for him and her older half-brother. She also adores her younger step-sister, at times. I think in this case, this is one time that she may not.


There I go getting caught up in narration again to forget the scene at hand. Mary had gotten herself riled up some after homework by reading some manga online. Her dad and mom were out with her brother doing errands leaving her almost alone at home with Cassidy. Not usually shy to do things with her sister such as talk, play games, etc. this was one activity that she’d prefer to do alone.

I know, “how dumb”, right? We could have told her that Cassidy noticed her walking by her room, slinking to the bathroom, but that would have ruined what we see now: Mary, with her panties still on, having just wet herself through them in her room earlier, trying to both hold back the rest of what she was trying to do, while getting Cassidy to leave the bathroom.


She walked right in, don’tchaknow! Well, girls do tend to be more social about such things than guys. While the sisters were comfortable enough chatting during normal conversation, Cassidy caught Mary with her pants (or panties in this case) not-down. This meant Mary had to lean a bit forward and to the side to cover her waistband as this was one thing she didn’t wish to experience with her younger sister. Poor Mary, smiling, nodding, and writhing because she really has something to release into the back of her “creamscicle” panties…what she calls her orange and white striped ones. Probably what caught her sister’s blue eyes as she tried to sneak past, tussling the short shock of blond hair attached to the turned head.


I can spare you the dialogue, it’s girl stuff. Needless to say Mary is writhing at this point and even after explaining to her fairer sister the fact that she had to poop the fact they were alone had worked against her. “Go ahead, I don’t care and nobody else is home. In fact, here, let’s make it fun!”


You are seeing this too, right? She swung the door open! I think that if we also could zoom around and under Mariko we’d see that accompanying the gas she just had we’d also find the start of what looks like a golf-ball-sized bulge pressing into her panties. It continued out slowly as the two talked and one prayed for a distraction. Only after something a bit more like a tennis ball and a half had been laid low in her sagging panties did a thoroughly red-cheeked Mariko have her prayers answered by that ring we just heard down the hall.


So the younger sister skips off but keep your eyes forward because the older one is quickly standing up to take care of things before it’s too late. Ah, such a perv, did you see her check herself out in the mirror as she waddled to the door to close it? Why don’t we leave her alone here, the poor girl has already been through enough. Poor Mary, having to be in such an embarrassing situation! I’ll admit it, I’m glad it wasn’t me…though you may be a bit more risque than I or even Mary, eh?

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