Amazing pants pooping experience

I’ve been down with the flu for over a week now, and one of the days consisted of constant explosive diarrhea. It began while at the store. I was picking up some meds and food for a few days when sudden stomach cramps hit along with some serious pressure in my ass, so I got to the restroom quickly, to find the one toilet occupied. I was getting desperate so I checked out with my purchases and walked next door to another store. Thankfully they had a free toilet. As soon as I sat down I EXPLODED. It was nothing but liquid and gas. It lasted about 10 minutes. I left there and traveled home. An hour later I was dealing with a painful stomach again and felt like I needed to have more diarrhea,  so I climbed into the tub and lay back, I was wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs, I wanted to try and allow my body to work easily to get all the poop out and ease my stomach. Suddenly, my stomach began to gurgle and churn and I felt my ass get full to the point of bursting, then without any pushing at all I began to go. First the liquid poo started seeping out slowly, followed by a few farts, then my body gave a huge push as a cramp took over. This time a mix of liquid and mush poured out of me and ran all out of my shorts. I lay there covered in diarrhea for a minute, then I gave another push and more gas and liquid came out. After that I stood up and turned on the shower. While bathing I took off my clothes and every so often I would push out a little liquid poop into the tub.

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  1. I know the fealing, thats why have a diaper on works so well, you don’t have to worry, ok maybe the smell.

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