alone now

everything’s gonna change starting this day, I’m not living in the house anymore and I’m gonna get the chance to taste independence for the next proceeding days. the feeling is great, but I feel a little sad, weary and uncomfortable at the moment. I left home with bad feelings from my parents and it sucks big time. So I just wanna say I can’t make vids for now since i live at a boarding house, I sleep in a room with 4 other guys and we only have one bathroom so it’s hard to do it when you got to have other people living with you and I hope you guys understand. I can make videos of me shitting on the toilet, but not messing on the bathroom floor or room anymore (that’s if they’re interested with scat too but according to how i know them, unfortunately NOT) and i can’t make sure i can do it every other day It’s kinda hard lol… So less vids for now but i’ll try to upload the other remaining videos I did days ago when I was still at home. I feel kinda home sick and depressed right now but sometimes I feel happy just a little. I have a feeling maybe, just maybe i can’t get along with my roommates, idk or maybe because this is my first time??

I still can’t celebrate my independence day since I don’t have money to do it yet lol and I’m certainly not in the mood of doing that. I need more positivity.
would be hard for now to control my budget but i’ll try not to mess up with it. So i hope I can do these things again soon ..

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  2. i wish you all the best for your new life. It’s hard at first but you will soon find out it was for the best and life is even better. We will all miss your superb vids but will look forward to new ones soemtime in the future. Take care and good luck.

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