I was excited at what I had planned to do.  Some time to myself, and being very wet.  I had already been drinking lots of water, and the pressure on my bladder was mounting, and at the same time, causing me to become very excited.  I love to have a really good solo session. On the way home, deciding where to do it, and what underwear to make completely wet, are all part of the experience.
 I had my bed already prepared, with a protective sheet underneath a white cotton sheet. All I had to do was choose what underwear I was going to be naughty in.  In my mind was white, but whether a brief or thong, I couldn't decide.  I sorted through all my underwear, which is quite a large collection, and decided on a white cotton g-string. The sides and front were large enough to soak up a lot of liquid, and the back was open, so I could have more direct contact with the sheet that was soon to be under me.
 I took off my clothes, and started to put on the white g-string. Pulling it up my legs, and over my semi-erect cock and shaved balls.  The thong back slipped easily into my crack, and the feel of it made my cock grow a little bit more.  By this stage, I was getting desperate to pee, and the sensation of the pressure on my bladder, and my horniness, was causing me to shiver with excitement.  I crawled onto my bed, and lay stomach down first, feeling a cool breeze on my exposed ass cheeks. I started to slowly move my hips, as if teasing an imaginary onlooker.  I love to lie around for as long as possible before letting go. Rolling onto my back, and every now and then touching the soft cotton that was encompassing my cock. 
 After a while of squirming and caressing myself, I lay on my back, with my legs slightly apart and closed my eyes.  My heart skipped a beat when I finally relaxed, and let a Small Stream of piss flow from my cock. The pee ran over my throbbing penis and started to trickle over my balls, and between my legs.  Because of the thong I was wearing, the hot pee soaked the fabric between my legs, and ran over my hole.  I stopped for a moment, and let the Small amount I had done soak in a bit more. I sat up, and looked at my g-string, which now was semi-wet, and the damp cotton was sticking to my burning penis.  I lay back again, but with my head propped up so I could watch my thong become completely drenched.    I couldn't hold on any more, so I relaxed, and let a hot gush of piss explode out of my cock and soak my string. The flow wouldn't stop, and I was so excited by the feeling of my own golden nectar flooding my underwear that I almost came.  The sensations were intense, and more and more steamy pee flowed out of my member and all over by balls.  I was in heaven. 
 My g-string was now completely soaked, and my throbbing cock was easily visible through the transparent cotton. I love the look of my cock being encompassed by pissy wet fabric. The fact that I have done something so naughty is intoxicating.  I stopped the flow, and rolled over onto my front. The sheet was now soaked, and I rubbed my smooth body all over the soiled cotton. My cock grinding into my soaked thong, and my bare ass swaying to an imaginary tune while the air tickled my cheeks as the piss on them began to cool.  I lay there for a while, savouring the feeling, and momentarily drifted to sleep.
 When I woke, the piss had cooled, and the the fact that I was lying there in my own pee excited me again.  Because of the amount of water I had drunk before, I was ready to pee again.  I lifted myself with my arms and knees, so I could look down the front of my body, and at my pissed soaked g-string.  It was then that I started to pee again.
 My body was elevated off the bed and I could wathch the hot piss flow out of my cock, running through the pissy fabric and falling like a waterfall onto the wet sheet below.  The feeling and the sight was driving me wild, so I pushed hared, and completey drenched myself and my bed.  Hot piss was all over my body, my thong was saturated, and my cock was on fire, and it needed release. 
 After I had stopped pissing, I peeled off my g-string, and lay it next to my face. I turned back around, and saw that there was a puddle of hot pee in the middle of the bed.  I teased my cock by slowly dipping it in the hot puddle, before losing control and laying down fully in the wetness, and grinding my cock into my new, wet lover.
 Holding onto my wet g-string, and sometimes sucking on it, I fucked my soaking sheets, listening to the wet sounds the piss was making, and enjoying every last moment of my body being covered with my own champagne. 
 The thrusts from my cock became more intense, and every now and then I would lift myself up to look at the soaking mess underneath me, before diving back in again.
 After a while, I could hold out no more, and the sensations building up in my body were enormous.  The tingling ran through my cock like lightening, and the first hot blast erupted from my member, then the second, third, it just kept coming. The hot cum mixing with the hot piss, now making my cock slippery, and my sheet even wetter.  My whole body was trembling, and I felft as though I was about to black out. It was such an intense orgasm. The feeling of doing something so naughty was very liberating. 
 After I came, I fell asleep for a brief moment. When I woke, only minutes later, my cock was throbbing again. I couldn't help myself, so I lay there, and allowed another stream of piss to flow out.  It moved up my body, and heated up my now cooling bed.  I rolled around in the warm wetness for what seemed like ages, before having to reach for my wet g-string, and wrapping it around my boiling penis and masturbating until huge spurts of hot cum splashed onto my stomach.  I lay there shuddering for a while before drifting off to sleep.
 When I woke the bed had cooled, I changed my sheet, had a long hot shower, put on a clean pair of briefs, and jumped into bed, slowly touching and caressing myself with thoughts of my wet play time still fresh in my mind.  

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  1. Totally awesome!! It is just what I fantasize of doing.

  2. The story is great!!! The imagery is fantastic! I wonder if any of our gifted film-makers would like to make a video of this scenario?

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