Almost shit in my bed

This morning I was feeling very lazy and hungover from smoking and eating way too much yesterday. My dog was barking so I yelled to her. She came running into my room and jumped up on my bed. she LOVES face rubs in the AM. As I was finally starting to wake up and come too I got extremely thirsty. I have to make sure before I start chugging water that I don’t have to piss or poo so I gave one little push. I could feel a little turd sneak up but it didn’t feel big so I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of being naked. I don’t wake up naked usually unless I got some the night before or I got really turnt up lol. so I relaxed and rolled over on my side still under my blanket. I started sipping my large mcdonalds cup and realized there was only about 1/4 of it left. so I started sipping harder. almost immediately I felt my asshole relax and the turd started slipping out slowly. still not enough to where I could ease back in if I had to. I took one more pull on the straw to see if I could fit the rest in my mouth. I did;) but by that point my shit had already protruded too far that I knew if I clenched now I would definatley drop it in my freshly washed sheets. I finished the cup as quick as possibly while I kept my ass nice and relaxed. this felt so good. I threw my blanket off me in fear that there was a lotttt more poo about to come. I put my hand back just in time to feel my ass cheeks just starting to spread apart and feel that warm soft morning shit begin to create a ball on top of my but. as I sat up it flowed twice as fast automatically so I quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Shit still filling my hand. it got so big that I thought it was going to fall off. made it to the toilet just in time to stick my finger in and feel the last little bit ease its way past;) showered off and now im sitting on my couch belly still rumbling in my ex’s yoga pants and white briefs. Next time hopefully I can take some pictures;) I have a feeling this laundry day will have a lot of dirty laundry throughout hehe

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