Almost shat myself in the supermarket

So I was out grocery shopping today (29th) before New Year’s Eve so I wouldn’t have to go tomorrow or on the day itself and be trampled by all those crazy people storming the shops acting like the world might end over the next couple of days or a food shortage will magically hit the world or whatever (I guess we all know those people).

Anyways, I had had a good shit before I went out (even recorded it), so I wasn’t worried at all about having to go and I was totally fine till I hit the last few aisles in the supermarket. That’s when the sudden urge to take a shit hit me – and boy, did it hit me hard – diarrhea. Great, I sarcastically said to myself. All that moving around and bending down to pick up stuff must’ve stimulated my stomach and colon and whatever was still left in it wanted out, badly.

I stood still for a bit (maybe a minute), clamping my ass shut tightly, trying to get my bowels under control. I hoped I could at least make it till I had payed and packed up my stuff, so I could use the customer’s toilets as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it home in this condition. But Lady Luck wasn’t my friend today. Just an aisle or two later another wave hit me, stronger this time. I almost doubled over from the sudden shock. I was glad no one was around to see how I was acting, would’ve raised some questioning eyebrows for sure. Took me a bit longer to recover that time.

I was at the checkout, though, and had everything I needed, so I started putting on my stuff from the cart for the cashier to scan. More bending over, definitely not what I needed, but there was no helping it. I put my stuff back in the cart after the scanning, then payed and went to pack my stuff in some bags, when a third wave hit me and I knew there probably was no stopping it this time.

I clamped my ass shut again, but that didn’t help. A little spurt escaped and that only made it worse. I tried to press my ass against the surface of the designated packing area, but that didn’t help at all and another small spurt escaped. Also, I was in full view of quite a few people, so I felt really embarrassed immediately. I threw my backpack in the cart with the not yet packed groceries and rushed over to the toilets. On the way another small spurt escaped. By now I feared there would already be a visible spot on the seat of my jeans, but I tried to ignore that feeling

I parked my cart outside of the restrooms, got someone to unlock the door for me and hurried inside. I pulled down my pants as fast as I could and sat down ready to unleash the fury of my bowels… but apart from a small spurt nothing happened at first. Again, all I could think was: great, I gotta go but nothing’s coming. So while I was pushing to get the actual shit out that gave me time to inspect the damage done to my boxer briefs. I just hoped it wasn’t too badly stained.

To my surprise (except for the wetness), there was no visible stain or any sign of shit at all. Lady Luck was my friend, after all. Those few spurts I felt escape must’ve been just liquid my boxer briefs were able to absorb. I was relieved and concentrated on the task at hand and after a few more pushes two or three blasts of liquid shit and farts blew out of my ass, and I was feeling well again. Now I’d be fine for the walk home.

I got some toilet paper, and just wanted to wipe when suddenly… the automatic lights went out and I sat there with a messy ass in total darkness. How much bad luck can a guy have on a single day? Well, I tried my best to wipe in the darkness, so I wouldn’t drip all over the floor and my clothes around my ankles and then stood up, opened the door and got the lights back on. I wiped one more time but was good to go, so I pulled up my pants, washed my hands and left the toilets.

Closing words:
Now THAT was one hell of an experience for me. It definitely wasn’t the first time I had the urge to take a dump while I was grocery shopping throughout 2015 (mind you, I hadn’t shit on those days so I knew I was full), but I always managed to get my bowels under control and go home. It was mostly on the home stretch that I was getting really desperate, so much that one time I just had enough time to jump in the shower and pull my shorts off when a mushy shit just shot out of my ass.

As much as I enjoy shitting myself from now and again, stuff like that is definitely not for me. Maybe if I had worn a diaper (which I do ever so often), that would have been different, but like I said I wasn’t even prepared for it to happen today. And I’m not at all into humiliating myself in front of people. Especially, if I go there to do my shopping every week.

On another note:
I have recorded the dump I took before I went out today, so if I get around to editing it, I might upload it later today.
I still have over 10 videos on my computer of dumps (and probably some other stuff) I took this year, I just haven’t had the motivation to edit and upload those, either. So, if you wanna see them, leave me a quick comment on here or send me a PM or something.

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  1. Get yourself a set of tight fitting briefs made of spandex or speedo trunks and wear them like underwear. I have a tight fitting pair of nylon spandex that I wear everwhere and when I need to poop, I don’t even worry about it. Let it out and most of the time it will not smell, and there is no indication on my ass from the outside that I have shit my pants. Just be a little careful moving around too much and don’t sit in it until you get home or in a secluded place. Normal walking should be fine and unless the shit is real runny, you will be OK. Peeing in them is a different story, and it will leak out and run down your legs. Hope this helps.

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