Almost Made It Home

There were quite a few new movies that came out on Friday the 8th. I went with my bf to see a comedy. We had eaten before the movie and had taken public transportation. The movie was great, and very funny. We left the theater, after I waited an eternity for my bf to go pee. I didn’t have to go, but my bf has a weak bladder and pees constantly. We got on the bus, it wasn’t too crowded, and took us about forty minutes to get home. The bus leaves us about a good two long blocks to walk so its was nice out and we decided to walk at a turtles pace. As we’re walking my bf is letting out some good farts and I’m laughing at him. He tells me he has to shit pretty bad, and he won’t be able to hold it to the house. He knows pooping pants is one of my favorite things, so he leans over a fence and makes believe he’s looking at flowers and takes a huge poop in his tight jeans. When I say tight I mean painted on. He turns around looks at me and says ” There” . I didn’t think nothing of it, until we walked in the door of the house, and I seen the stain and the bulge of the poop he had taken. I have a tarp all ready for these spur of the moment occasions and just threw the tarp on the living room rug. I placed him on the floor and peeled his pants off slow, so not to make a mess and started masturbating him. It didn’t take him too long to shoot his first load. I was already naked and I laid on the floor. My boyfriend stood up, poop dropping and falling everywhere and he rode me until I filled his bowels with my secret sauce. He came again while he was riding me,( I love when he does that). The tarp was a complete mess, and my cock and balls were covered in his shit. I threw the tarp out in back yard for later hosing, and we took a long hot shower together. I really wish we could do this every week, but it might get noticed by nosy neighbors lol. We had a few beers and called it a night.

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