almost cought

i have been pooping my pants for a long time. i poop my pants after my grand son goes to school waiting til his defenatly on the buss a couple of weeks ago i couldn’t wait and pooped and peed my pants right after he left about 7:10 am he came thru the back door telling me he missed the buss as i am standing there with poopy wet pants.i had to drive him to school sitting in my poop was fun

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  1. My niece caught me during a holiday at the beach.

    She was supposed to have a sleep while I went for a walk along the beach but decided to sneak out and find me. I was walking along enjoying the nice firm load when she suddenly appeared beside me and held my hand. After a few minutes she asked if I had pooed in my pants which I deigned but she knew I was lying.

    It was quite funny walking along while my 8 year old niece chastised me for doing it in my pants then lying about it. It must have got her thinking because she started getting very inquisitive asking me all sorts of questions. A few days later while we were swimming in the ocean she told me she had looked in my backpack and found my pooed in underwear and insisted on knowing if I did it on purpose.

  2. I almost got caught by police last year. I had gone out in the car to find a nice secluded part of the forest to walk around, but couldn’t hold on and pooped the pull-ups I was wearing. Just after this, I was stopped by a local policeman in a plain car, who asked me why I was travelling around in circles to the same spot. Lucky for me I wasn’t asked to leave the car or asked too many questions. I was talking to him for about 5 minutes (which seemed a lifetime) with hot poo in my pants. It felt so good sitting there in dirty pants. I was ever so nervous, I thought any moment now I was gonna be exposed. Never did that again.

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