All the way home

We’ll It started a little after noon that little tingle that let you know you need to go. I picked up my big cup off the bench filled it to the top and went back to work I got that and another half down  before I left . I got in the car to sit and drive wasn’t easy with my llegs held together I got stopped at the first lite I couldn’t help myself. I pee a little just a little,I needed to stop at the store . Driving on I got stopped at the. Next one to this time I couldn’t stop it and more for out than I wanted to  ow I have a spot the size of a baseball in the front of my pants   I was waiting my black jean so it didn’t show to bad .   15 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot finely home. Shit I forgot to stop at the store .  Back in the car legs held together  ack to the store. Well I’m ok getting into the store walking around looking for the bags I need more pee leaked out  now the spots as big as a softball. I feel like the cute kid at the  checkout was going to see it he never looks up but today he was looking me in the eye with a big grin on his face. I payed and got back in the car   More pee leaking out this time it’s hard not to let it go  it I only live around the corner I got home in a hurry to get on line  before it realy got going I sat on my pee chair and let it out a little it started to get wet enough that I had to stop again and get a towel she. I stood up I felt the pee run down my leg  of quite running all the way down i sat back on the towel and started to pee again. Slow enjoying all the warmth I pee for 20 minutes a little at a time I was raely soaked  nearly dripping.  Nice and warm. I kept them on for 2more hours it was a great afternoon 

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