All is not what it seems

written and in collaboration with jjbullet & umusuarioqualquer

Ethan I don’t think I can hold on much longer. Being stuck in traffic was not helping his need to use the restroom. While waiting for an hour for traffic to move Randy was farting up a storm causing Ethan to start having a noticeable bulge in his jeans. Randy was trying to ease his insides he didn’t know if he let out more gas if it would help. Oh my god Randy please tell me you just didn’t…. To know what how it happened you most first know the beginning.

Everything seemed pretty normal between college best friends Ethan and RANDY. Except one thing Ethan has always had a crush on Randy from the start of their freshman year in college. You see Ethan got off on the idea of seeing Randy scrumming around in his seat of their car and having a major accident inside his pants. So Ethan had a to come up with a perfect idea of trying to make his fantasy come to life. Deciding to order their favorite foods from a fast food place that he knew would make Randy gassy.

Randy knew that Ethan had a crush on him in fact he didn’t mid at all. He actually thought Ethan wasn’t bad himself. What caught him off guard though was how long Ethan it took him using the bathroom and showering. Randy eventually found out when Ethan wasn’t as slick as he thought when he didn’t clean up the mess in his pants all the way; Randy was starting to do their laundry since there clothes were building up in the basket. What he was not excepting to see the very mess in Ethan’s underwear. He was just a little curious to see what it would be like. Since the last time he made such a mess was when he was in grade school. What he didn’t know he would be making a mess just like it in just a couple of short weeks.

So here we are in current time the day after haven eaten so much take out food. Hey Randy, want to go out for a drive asked Ethan? After driving around for who knows how long everything was staring to go to plan. Randy was sweating so much, his stomach makes strange noises and he felt he would not be able to hold on much longer ! “Oh C`mon move !” said Randy. Are you okay man Ethan replied. Damm man I need to go so bad ! Ethan’s dream was coming true, his car smells like rotten eggs at that moment, he knew Randy was going to explode soon. Soon we will arrive at our dorm he said.

“How long do you think it will take” asked Randy while letting out a wet fart.
Damm Bro you really need to go don’t you said Ethan. Ethan then to decided respond to Randy’s question with an answer of about thirty minutes. Oh no way said Randy feeling embarrassed. Ethan was also about to explode in his own pants, letting out a long wet fart that had left a hefty skidmark in his underwear! Fuck Bro you need to go too said Randy while covering his nose. At that moment Ethan had a huge bulge in his pants, which was clearly visible

Randy let out another fart but this time he froze in his seat. Fuck Bro “I don’t know if I can hold on for thirty minutes” said Randy in agony. With it becoming more evident of the impending moment Ethan decided to tell his friend “It’s okay if you can’t hold on just let go in your pants”. Randy looked at Ethan a little confused, when he finally took courage to respond to Ethan his ass opened and some shit came out. Oh my god Randy please tell me you just didn’t; Dude what just happened asked Ethan but clearly knowing what exactly had happened. “Fuck” said Randy while get down on his knees, with another fart coming out .

At that moment Ethan couldn’t hold his instincts, he turned towards Randy giving him a french kiss while touching Randy’s dick. Randy was confused and stunned but there was no time to think. He exploded yet another massive wave of poop right into his pants, his dick was hard as hell and his best friend Ethan was touching his ass and spreading the mess around.

“It’s not that bad” said Ethan playfully expecting there to be some resistance from Randy. While Randy was stuck in his own thoughts Ethan decided to take Randy’s hands placing them under his ass while filling his own underwear. Ethan couldn’t believe what he had accomplished his ultimate fantasy.

With only a couple of blocks left to their dorm there was uncertainty left in the air between them. Had Ethan done to much to his friend, possibly ruining their friendship? “Randy if you…,” before Ethan could even finish his statement Randy decided to stop him dead in the tracks by saying“ that was weird, but a good weird”. Ethan couldn’t believe what he heard almost expecting the worse from his friend. Was his friend actually admitting to liking the same thing as him?

Parking their car Randy decided to tell Ethan “I’ve known for a while you liked messing yourself, I was always curious about it but I… I… never had the nerve to actually do it, it was incredible”. Entering the dorm Randy decided to kiss Ethan saying thanks for the greatest day of my life pushing him towards their room……

Fast forward Randy and Ethan have been a couple for several years both still messing their pants together, swapping their underwear with each other.

The End

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