All girls, no shame, only service

You arrive at Rolestone all girls college. As you walk up the path, you feel butterflies in your belly. A mixture of anxiousness, arousal and excitement fill your body, the last two being the strongest feelings. You know what awaits you behind the campus’ large automatic doors. All of the stories you’ve heard, and all of the hours you’ve spent imagining what its like have filled you with anticipation. You walk through the doors and into the large, high roofed concourse. The building is very modern, and ergonmic. As you approach the front desk, a smartly dressed secretary looks at her computer screen. She looks up and sees you approach. With a smile, she asks “Hello there, how can I help you?”. You tell her your name and details, and she puts them into the system. “Ah yes, we’ve been eagerly expecting you. Please wait here while I fetch your induction buddy”. You wait, until a Young, short haired girl approaches you. She’s average height and build, with a big ass and sweet face. “Hey hun, I’m Jade. I’ll be taking care of you”. You smile and thank her, and ask her were your going “well, as our college’s new service slave, you must be dressed in the appropriate female attire”. She leads you to a room, a changing room filled with clothes. In the corner are a pile of dirty panties that have obviously been Wet and Pooped. She dresses you In sissyish, knee high socks, and a pair of full, pink panties. You ask her why. “Well, pink Is a perfect colour! It shows when you wet and poo yourself, and, unlike white, shows us your cummies!”. This fills you with horniness, and you begin to get a hard on. Jade pipes up “Well, time for you to service your first class! Here, slaves refer to every girl as mistress and their first name. So, that makes me mistress Jade! Every girl calls teacher mistress, so that should remind you your place incase you forget. Just remember, do everything the teacher says, or you will be punished sweetie!” She takes you into the class. Just before the students arrive. “This is our new slave, mistress. He’s very nervous, but im sure he’ll ease up soon”. The teacher is a tall, Middle aged woman named Julia, with a big ass and tits, and long flowing light brown hair. “kneel” Jade says. You comply and kneel down. Julia smiles down at you. She screws up her face and puts yours in her butt. PUUUUURRRRRBBBBBBBBMMM. An eggy, Nose burning fart rumbles out of her arse and directly up your nose. “SMELL IT” You start sniffing her fart as hard as you can. “This one will do nicely” Julia says. Jade smiles “Great! If he misbehaves, let me know! Im responsible for punishment”, She nudges your nose with her jeanclad buttcrack “Have fun sweetie!” She says as she farts. For a girl with a small belly, her gas was positively rancid. Julia has placed you at the door to the class and girls begin filing in. As they do, some of them fart in your face. One girl in particular, Yana, shoves your face in her perky butt and farts very hard in your face. You do your duty and breath her gas like air. The class begins and you sit in the corner at the back, watching and wondering when and what your next duty will be. The girl who held you, Yana, begins to moan. Julia turns and asks “Yana? Are you voiding?”, “Ahhh, yes mistress, Bladder and bowels” she responds. You begin to hear a tinkling and pattering on the floor as she speaks. You watch her torrent of piss flow from her pussy like a summer stream, with a smile on her face to match. As the flow slows down, she begins to strain and grunt. A big bubbly fart, followed by a squeaky sticky mush are heard throughout the class. She sighs with relief, as a stink fills the room. “Good girl, a very handsome load” Julia commends her. Yana smiles and Wiggles her butt on her seat, squishing it down and settling her cheeks in the warm sticky mess. You suddenly realise that you need to go too. Unsure of what to do, you decide to speak, very submissively “Mistress Julia”. She spins to you sternly “Slave, you do not speak unless requested”, you are thrown by this, but choose your words carefully “Yes mistress, May I use the toilet?”. Julia smiles “Ofcourse! Stand in front of the class and do it in your pants so all the girls can see your submission. You do not need to ask again, nor should I have to tell you again. You may wet wherever you are, but you must mess up here. If you wish to use that erection, you will do so in your pants infront of the class”. This both excites and worries you. Tentatively, you stand up. The girls watch you as you walk to the middle where all can see. With some effort, despite your erection, you begin to wet your pink panties. The girls begin to gasp and giggle and point at you as you go. Now, with a warm wet crotch, and damp sissy socks, you turn and bend over. Sweat runs down your neck, and you shake with anticipation. You fart as you begin to push and grunt. The girls laugh and sneer more now as you fill your pants Infront of everyone. Your huge load settles in the seat of your underwear. “Good boy” Julia coos. “Now, you will be punished for speaking out of turn. Who wants to come up here and feel sissy’s load?” The room erupts with laughter and pleas. Three girls come up to you. The first one, a tall brown haired beauty, smacks you on the ass and mushes your load against you. The second one, A short haired ginger with perky tits and a big butt, rubs your butt, and farts in your face. The final girl, a very tall, big assed crimson haired goddess of Amazon proportions, grabs your butt and squeezes your balls, playing with all your bits, causing you to shoot jets and jets of hot sticky cum into your pink pants, visable to the whole clase. “Good boy, cum for me” she says, laughing and smacking your ass, before returning to her seat. The whole class laugh at you in your wet, stinky, sticky mess. “Back to work now” Julia says.

After the class ends, Jade meets you in the corridor “Hey hun, get in here!” She then grabs your face and puts it in her farting butt, in the same way as a good friend would hug you “good first day?”, You nod, cum oozing from the front of your pink panties “See?” Jade yips “I told you pink shows us everything. Your a sticky, pooey tinkle pants! You’ll be one of us in no time, won’t you girl?”
She pats your bum and takes you to another room with a sign above that says “Sissy training”

Another adventure awaits…

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  1. Hi I’ve only just signed up and love reading the stories people send in. I’ve got a fascination with knickers and love to put on a girls school uniform and pretend to be desperate. I really got off reading this story it’s reassuring knowing I’m not the only one that fantasize about these kind of scenarios. Enjoyed this story so much I get so horny pretending to be a desperate girl 👧🦴

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