All girls, no shame, only service: Part 2

As Jade lead you into the Sissy Training room, Your butterflies returned. The room was a large hall at the side of the campus. Inside, there were several rooms down each side of the corridor. Every room had a different name. On the left, there were three rooms. Each was labelled “Female gender superiority re-education”, “Cum guzzling class” and “Anal Training”. Down the right, different punishment and domination based rooms labelled “Fart Sniffing”, “Human toilet training” and “Ass worship”. Jade took you into the Anal Training room. “Heeere we aaare! Im gonna teach you how to take it in the bum so good!”. You became hard in your wet and messy panties. She walked you to a table with a robot arm dildo attached. “Up on here sweetie! Get in the doggy position. Lets put your poopy to good use as lube!” You hopped up and got on all fours. Jade began to pull your panties off, stuck to you by your cum and poo. “Mmm, nice and stinky” she said as she positioned the dildo at your asshole. She put some regular lube on the head and pushed it into your ass. “Ill put it on progressive. The longer it runs, the faster it pumps!”. You feel the dildo begin to move. It hurts at first, but the faster it gets, the better it feels. Eventually, you cum, all over the table. “Nuh-uh! I didn’t say you could cum!”, “Sorry, Mistress Jade” you apologize. “Time to be punished! Get down” she says as shes switches off the dildo and pulls it out of you.

You jump off the table to jade’s side. “Lick up your stickies boy, and hold it in your mouth” Jade commands. You lean over the table and lick up your still warm sperm. You hold it in your mouth for her. “Kneel” Jade says. You kneel Infront of her “Open your mouth, and swallow it”. Reluctantly, you swallow. “Good little cumslut!” She giggles “Lie down”.

As you lie down, Jade sits her big butt on your face. The minute seat of her jeans meets your nose, you smell poo. Jade clearly doesn’t wipe, and she may not have washed in some time. This could be the dirtiest asshole you’ve nuzzled in your life. “You earned this you little cunt! HMMMM!” She strains. *PPPPPPRRRRRHHHUUUUUBBBBBMMMMMMMM* A rancid, nose burning egg-fart rumbles from her tiny belly like a subway train. “Sniff it slut. This is what you get for cumming without permission” she farts a few more times, to the point you nearly pass out. “I’ve got one more surprise for you, sissy”.

Jade strains so hard, you know she’s straining too hard for a fart. You know what shes doing. Shes pooing her pants right on your face. A torrent of wet farts escape her round butt, before a massive, Soft load of hot poo crackles into her pants. “YEAH! TAKE IT!” She says as she rubs your nose deep into her crack.

She then stands up and hovers over you. “Open wide! Nooow!” She says in a passive aggressive sing-song. She sighs as relief crossed her face. She’s wetting her pants. The piss flows down her legs, across her crotch and streams into your mouth. You drink it dutifully until she stops. “Get up” she says, and you stand. “Good boy. Come with me” she says as she leads you out of the room

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