Alexa’s Restaurant

Alexa’s Restaurant

It’s 2025, and just launched its first Virtual Reality Simulation. In the future, users can now plug directly into the web, and their senses are completely taken over as they’re sent to a virtual reality. Alexa’s program loads into the reception area of a nice restaurant, where a hostess is kindly showing you to your seat. Alexa is your date tonight, wearing one of her most popular downloadable outfits, a sexy red dress. The virtual Alexa has dozens of customizable outfits the user can choose before entering, with countless different accessories, jewelry, and shoe options.

The restaurant’s menu is enormous. Thousands of food combinations have been loaded into the simulation. The finest steaks and freshest salads. The juiciest burgers and the crispiest fries. There were extensive Italian, Mexican, and Asian sections, all programed by some of the finest culinary programmers in the world. Her restaurant is all encompassing, and she guarantees it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Once you know what you want, the program responds by summoning a waiter to take your order. Today it’s the Lasagna with a large side salad, and of course, an endless bread basket.

“A fine choice, and you ma’am?” the waiter asks Alexa.

“The same”, she says with a smile.

The waiter nods and heads for the kitchen. As your food order loads, you’re able to engage Alexa in some small talk. You can ask her about her day, find out what her favorite movies are, or have her talk dirty about the meal that’s about to arrive at your table. The last option always seems to be the most popular.

The waiter returns with a tray. Alexa is given an enormous portion of gourmet lasagna, complete with a huge garden salad and a full basket of fresh Italian bread. He places an empty plate in front of you before wishing you both an enjoyable meal.

Alexa begins to dig in. Her eyes roll back in her head after the first bite.

“Oh my god! This is so yummy! You’re going to love it”, she says with a wink. “Mmm it’s so good! I bet you can’t wait to try some.”

The virtual Alexa is able to down the entire meal in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes after the waiter had left, her plates were spotless and she was finishing the last of the bread. She leaned over to one side and farted with a cute, scrunched up face.

“Ooo I think your dinner is ready. Waiter!”

The waiter returns carrying a folded up toilet chair. He sets it up and secures it on top of the table. Alexa gets up onto the table before pulling her dress up and taking her seat facing away from you. Her ass is directly over your empty plate.

“Here it comes, bon appetit!”, she says with a mischievous smile on her face. Another fart blasts out of her perfect asshole before it begins to stretch out. A thick shit begins to slide out of her. It breaks off after about 10 inches or so before a softer log follows. Soon her shit is flowing out softly and piling up on your plate. The programmers had made sure to amplify the smells and tastes in this simulation to make sure the users were 100% satisfied. Your mouth begins to water as the waiter hands Alexa some toilet paper and she begins to clean herself. She tosses the paper down onto the massive pile of fresh shit in front of you. You hold your empty wine glass under her pussy, and she fills it with a large serving of pee.

She stands up from her chair and pulls her dress back down before dismounting and taking her seat again. The waiter removes her toilet chair and again, wishes you an enjoyable meal. Few users actually used the silverware provided by the simulation. Most ate with their hands. Some were so turned on by what they had just seen that they dove in face first. Masturbating was allowed at the table, of course, considering all the other guests at the restaurant weren’t real people, but rather computer programs. Sex with Alexa was, however, off limits for this simulation. (This is a classy place, can’t you tell?).

Alexa herself was involved in the taste programming. She made sure that her poop retained the natural smells and textures that came from her while still having a hint of what the food has originally been. Although Alexa made sure that her own flavor ultimately overpowered everything else.

Dessert was available as well, ordered (or rather, downloaded) fresh from Alexa’s Bakery & Ice cream shop, attached to the back of the restaurant. The bar also had hundreds of drinks available, all, of course, processed through Alexa’s body before being served.

The simulation was an astounding success. Web traffic in and out of the simulation was almost double what she had planned for.

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  1. Hot story, I would totally eat a log of her shit, provided it had corn, olives and mushrooms.

  2. That was a sexually exciting story and I would have to visit your restaurant. I know i would take a little taste as I masturbated my little penis. I would skip dessert as I’m on a diet but would have a drink or two at the bar.

  3. What a hot story!
    I would totally visit the restaurant just to see Alexa poop. I’m not into eating shit though, so that would be completely off the table for me (pun somewhat intended 🙂 )

    (fantasy tangent: I would love to experiment with different foods, see the resulting shit, and explore how different foods change the qualities of the shit (color, firmness, smell, etc). While I still wouldn’t eat the shit, I would be interested in picking apart the turds – I have an odd fascination (fetish within a fetish?) with undigested food (like corn kernals) appearing in shit.)

  4. Although shit eating isnt USUALLY My thing. I would LEAP At the opportunity if this game was real. lets hope this one day becomes a reality 😀

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