Alexa’s Domination Fantasy

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Alexa’s Domination Fantasy. Survive all three levels and reach the bonus stage at the end. For experienced users only.

This is a virtual fantasy. has launched a virtual reality simulator in the not-too-distant future where users can plug themselves into the web and get an experience like no other.

Level 1 – Gas mask.
The user is loaded on their knees in Alexa’s kitchen. A gas mask is locked on to the users face with only a single tube running off from the intake. The tube’s other end is fastened to a pair of sexy rubber panties Alexa herself is wearing as she bakes her treats. Slaves are expected to endure a solid thirty minutes of constant gas from Alexa. It may sound tame, but the user receives little oxygen from outside sources, and most tend to pass out or quit after 5 or 6 minutes of suffocation. Of course, this is all virtual, so the users are in no real danger. In order to make it to level two, the user must not pass out, quit, or attempt to pull the mask off for the entire half-hour.
Virtual Alexa’s dirty talk options vary in this scenario. You can set her to sweet and innocent, constantly encouraging you to keep going, or to cruel and domineering, telling you that you won’t last ten minutes. As the scenario progresses, the tube between Alexa’s farting ass and your nose shortens. For the final five minutes of the simulation, your nose is pressed right up against her asshole, and you are breathing her gas directly. She is programed to fart at least once every five seconds for the entire scenario. Many slaves muster up the willpower to survive the first level. Most of them are not so lucky with level two.

Level 2 – Toilet Slave
The second level loads users into Alexa’s bathroom. She is seated on her throne in front of you and immediately barks at you to get down on your knees. You realize you’re hands and feet are shackled, you’re naked, and you’re holding a small, plastic plunger. There’s barely time to take in your surroundings before you hear her explode into the bowl in front of you. She sighs and moans as the familiar smell begins to waft your way. As she reaches back to flush it, the toilet gurgles. She looks at you and stands up.
“Well, what are you waiting for slave, my toilet’s not going to unclog itself. And hurry up because there’s more.” She farts. “Ooo, a lot more…”
Most users get in a few good plunges in before she pushes you out of the way and sits back down. She grunts and unleashes a massive flow of soft shit, clogging the toilet more. The object of level two is to keep the toilet from overflowing or backing up to Alexa’s ass for one hour. Again, her dirty talk options vary from cute and sweet to intense and demanding. The size of her shit only increases as the simulation goes on, making it all the harder to keep things flowing. She will also randomly wipe herself with big wads of toilet paper to try to clog things up. But don’t worry, she doesn’t want it to be impossible. Her pee helps to keep everything wet so it’s easy to plunge.
The plunger users are given is extremely poorly made. The handle typically breaks after ten minutes or so. The entire time, Alexa will be desperate to go, and constantly interrupting your progress by adding more. With no plungers, most users resort to eating some of it in order to make room for more. She has a very deep toilet, however, that only makes cleaning it all out all the harder. One can only eat so much so fast. By the half-hour mark most people begin to get sick, and can’t keep up with the beautiful Alexa’s massive output. Less than 200 people have made it past the fifty minute mark. Keep that toilet flowing for as long as possible if you want to even think about level three.

Level 3 – Shit eating challenge
Less than 50 slaves have ever even made it to level three. It loads with the user shackled to Alexa’s bedroom floor. She needs to take an enormous dump and just got new carpeting. You will be feeding from her, and under NO circumstances can a single piece of shit land on the carpet. The user is sent back to the main menu if they tap out, take too long, or spill Alexa’s valuable waste onto the carpet.
Fans of Alexa know what big loads she can produce in real life. The virtual Alexa is no different – only, she is not bound by the laws of physics. She will relieve herself for a full ninety minutes, constantly dropping soft, warm logs of shit down onto your face. Your hands will reach to your mouth, so you can use them to some extent. The simulation is programmed to know when you swallow. As soon as you down a mouthful, Alexa will produce more to fill you right back up. Users have no choice but to eat her poop; it certainly won’t all fit piled up on top of your face.
The texture varies throughout the simulation. Users trying desperately to swallow a thick log may get blasted in the eyes with softer shit, causing them to choke and spill some on the ground. It gets harder and harder to balance it all as she continues to empty herself onto you. To add to that, Alexa is not programmed to aim for your face; she simply relieves herself in the most comfortable position for her. Users will need to be very active and attentive for the whole hour and a half. This simulation is programmed with some of Alexa’s nastiest poops in mind. Her best-selling videos and personal favorites are all featured here. Remember, not one drop on the white carpet! She, genuinely, wishes you the best of luck.

BONUS LEVEL – Congratulations! You are one of the lucky few to complete the challenge! You’re loaded into an immaculately white bathroom, now with no chains holding you down. Alexa is standing in front of you in a white bra and panty set. She has a pair of angel wings attached to her back, and she has a big smile on her face.
“Well hello there you lucky slave! Congrats on making it all the way through. You really must be devoted to my ass to make it this far.” She hands you a tablet. “This tablet controls the settings to this simulation. You can make me poop at the touch of a button! Try it out!”
Excited, you touch the big button in the bottom corner. Alexa closes her eyes, moans, and shits a big soft mess right into her angel panties.
“Ohhh, you didn’t even wait for me to sit down!” she teases. “Oh well, I guess this is okay too”.
The Alexa app on the tablet controls pretty much everything; Lighting, Clothing, Texture, Flavor – (you can even set her poop to taste entirely like chocolate!), and there’s even a setting to turn her from a sexy angel into a sexy devil.
The best part about this scenario is that you’re finally worthy enough to actually play with Alexa. Hundreds of toys, lubes, and other fun items are available at the touch of button. Don’t forget to check the real-life mail for your complimentary pair of Alexa’s panties!

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