Age Play and Messy Sex

The evening is too warm for a jacket, so when Justin steps into Pat’s entryway, there’s a sheen of sweat on his forehead.

Pat is a chubby, somewhat tall man with short curly brown hair and a round baby face. “What’s with the coat?” he says, chuckling.

Justin, who is shorter than Pat and much skinnier, responds by unzipping the jacket, pulling it off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. He’s wearing a full adult baby getup: his big binkie is clipped to the front of his baby onesie, which is snapped snugly around a thick diaper. Justin kicks off his shoes to complete the look.

Pat can’t stop a grin from spreading across his face as he takes in what Justin’s wearing. “Diaper and everything, huh?” Pat teases.

Justin blushes. He’s not sure he’s ready to admit the diaper was the part he was most looking forward to.

Pat takes a step towards Justin and cups the front of the diaper in his hand, getting a feel for it and squeezing gently. As he does this, he pulls Justin into a kiss with his other hand.

Pat can feel that Justin is fully erect inside his diaper, and he feels himself becoming aroused too.

“Are you going to use it?” Pat asks, genuinely curious.

“Use what?” Justin says. His heart speeds up with nervous energy because he really hopes Pat means the diaper.

“The diaper,” Pat says, slightly condescendingly.

“Do you want me to?” Justin ask, almost breathless.

Pat muzzles into Justin temple as he considers, then he whispers, “Yes.”

Justin inhales sharply and moans very quietly as he starts wetting himself right away.

Pat can feel the warmth of the piss against his hand. He’s surprised by how much it turns him on.

“Well just look at me,” Pat says, overacting just enough to make it clear that they’re role playing now. “Single dad just trying to teach his kid a thing or two and I can’t even get him to stop wetting his diapers.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Justin says just as he finishes wetting himself. His breathing is heavy with arousal. Pat’s bit of playacting is really doing it for him, so he just looks at Pat with big shiny eyes, silently pleading for more.

At this particular point, Pat notices that Justin also brought a small duffle bag with him. Pat picks up the bag and opens it while Justin watches. The bag is full of more baby goodies: bib, toys, sippy cup and baby bottle, more diapers and changing supplies.

Pat smiles happily at all this swag. He heads towards the living room, beckoning Justin to follow with a “Come on, baby.”

Pat places the play mat and a handful of toys on the floor and tells Justin to be good and play with his toys for a minute. Justin obeys. He plops himself on the map and starts stacking the alphabet blocks.

Pat goes into the kitchen and takes the sippy cup out of the duffle. It’s not actually a sippy cup. It’s a full 750 mL bottle with a sippy cup top. Pat fills the bottle entirely with pale ale and brings it back to his baby.

“Drink this and then we’ll go change your diaper, ok?”

Justin drinks the first third of his “juice” quickly enough. For the rest, he takes his time. Between gulps, he plays with his toys while his Daddy coos over him and encourages him.

By the time Justin finishes his drink, he already has to pee again. So he does. Hot piss floods his diaper, and for a glorious moment he’s submerged in his own piss. He needs to shit, too, he realizes, but considering he’s sitting on his ass at the moment, the question of whether or not he should do it in his diaper is moot.

But then it’s time for a diaper change. Pat leads Justin back towards the bedroom. As he walks, Justin can’t stop thinking about how much he wants to shit himself. He’s tipsy enough that he can’t come up with any good reasons to stop himself. So as he stands by and watches Pat spread a changing pad on the bed and arrange the changing supplies, Justin fills the back of his diaper big smooth load.

Pat smells the mess when he helps Justin lie back on the bed. His first reaction is to wrinkle his nose and raise an eyebrow at his lover, but then he realizes that he’s actually really into it. Pat can feel his erection straining against his slacks.

Justin is lying back on the bed, so Pat reaches down and unsnaps Justin’s onesie. He tears open the four diaper straps. He pulls the front of the diaper down and reveals the fresh wet and smear of mess. Pat can tell that the wet is fresh and he finds the mess more than a little enticing.

Pat reaches down and fumbles with his own buttons until his pants fall to the ground under the weight of his belt. He steps out of the pants and pulls off his underpants and socks.

Pat climbs onto the bed with one knee on each side of Justin’s legs. Pat leans forward and kisses Justin’s lips. Justin moans quietly into the kiss and then opens his mouth for something more heartfelt.

Then Pat surprises Justin by lowering himself into Justin and going straight to pressing the head of his dick into Justin’s ass. As if the mess had been forgotten, Pat is pushing his cock inside Justin and soon he’s fucking him with brusque punctuated thrusts.

Justin’s overwhelmed. He starts moaning and groaning with pleasure as Pat fucks him and within ten minutes he’s cumming on himself despite the fact that no one is paying any particular attention to his cock.

Justin and Pat have fooled around with age and piss play a little bit before this. Enough that Justin worked up the nerve to ask Pat how he would feel if he ordered some props off the Internet. Pat had given an affirmative answer but not one enthusiastic enough to erase all of Justin’s doubts.

When Justin got home from work earlier, the final package had arrived. Overexcited, Justin had donned everything and shoved all the props in a bag and rushed over to Pat’s place wearing nothing but a jacket over his onesie. On the drive over, Justin started worrying that Pat wouldn’t be into it and he wished he’d just brought the onesie in the bag, to be changed into later with Pat’s ok.

But as Justin comes down from his orgasm and Pat continues fucking his shit-smeared ass, Justin realizes he probably should have just been up front with Pat about what he wanted, because the two of them seem to be made for each other.

Shortly, Pat starts cumming inside Justin. He thrusts as far as he physically into Justin four times and then relaxes into Justin momentarily.

Pat pulls himself off Justin and looks down at himself to inspect the damage. He chuckles at the sight of the expanse of smeared shit emanating from his cock. Justin watches Pat silently; he lets Pat’s cum run out of his ass and into the diaper that’s still beneath him.

“Come on,” Pat says, holding out a hand to Justin, “let’s get in the shower.”

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