Told ya BryBry’s a meaning. He totally got me again this Sunday.

I got online for like about 10 minutes. Nobody was online so I totally thot I was safe again.  Nobody got me the last week so I was kinda sure I could make it again. BryBry hit me up like when I juuuust got online. I begged him to be nice and not make me wet anything.  Yeah, I learned after the last time. He was like “sure” and I sooooo shoulda been worried.

He said I got a favor to ask. And I was like ummmkay. He dared me to drink a can of Mountain Dew. I was like yeah. Then I hadta go pee and get ready to go to my mom’s church. And Bry was like if ya pee, ya gotta drink another Dew. I really hadta go so I did it. Then he wanted to chat for a couple more minutes. Then I really hadta get going. He asked if I hadta pee again and I was like yeah. So he said go to the bathroom and come back. I was ummmkay. I did.

I got back and Bry was like u peed again? I said yeah and he said that’s another Dew. I was like I serious gotta go to my mom’s church like now. He said after I drink the Dew. So I did.

I kinda knew I was in trouble cause I had a lot to drink and he sooooo knows I’m waaaaay pee shy. So he chatted a couple more minutes and I was really late. Then he asked if I hadta pee again. i was like kinda bad. So he let me pee again and made me drink another Dew. I hadta pee again before I even got done with that Dew.

I soooo knew I couldent make it to church cause I would hafta pee there and I soooo cant do that in public ever.I was seriously squirming and Bry was like finish ur Dew and u can go. I was sooo like fuck you boi.  I soooooo knew what was gonna happen. I barely finished the Dew and hadta pee soooooo bad. I knew he was gonna keep making me drink more Dews if I went to the bathroom so I was like fuck it and totally soaked my pants.

Then Bry was like why did ya do that. Smartass.

But he way got me good again.

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