after the football game

several years ago my friend “Mike” and I were the best of friends and still are.  Our dads were great friends also and are single parents. Mike and I are the only kids in both familites so we dont have siblings.  I was 13 and mike was 13 and 6 months.  

Mike was on a football team and all of us went to see his game on a Sat morning as we usually did.  The field was about 10 miles from our apartments and just a short trip back to forth.

After the game we were all about to leave when Mike had complained he had to get to the portapotty to pee and poop and had to get there soon.  However the poty was to far away and he decided to just hold it in until we get home to relieve himself.  During the trip home he was getting desperate push into the seat and moaning in pain hold inghis pee and poop.  In about 10 minutes we got to the apartment and when the car stopped and he opened the door and jumped out the car and started moving fast to the door of the apartment.  I got out of the car and followed Mike and was about 15 feet away of him when he just stopped and stood still.  As I approached Mike I noticed the back of his pants were moving and I knew he had started to poop into pants.  I could hear the poop filling his pants he was filling his pants fast, I was surprised and was excited watching him and got hard seeing this happen.  I then see he was peeing his pants also and I could see he was enjoying this very much.I  Approached him and said he  he had planned forthis to happen.  He want to do this and it was now to do it.  He reached around with one of his hands and started to move the poop around in his pants, when I saw this IIabout cummed in my and my pants but instead to told him that I will poop my pants here now since I had to do both of them but I could not pee because I was so hard I could not do it.  I started to push my poop out and I didnt have much but I did what I had and it filled up my briefs,  gads that felt great coming out into my pants I was still hard but peed a little. 

We were both filled up in our briefs and wet, but loved it.  We walked to the apartment door and went in and went to the bathroom to clean up and we were a mess but loved it,  we jacked each other to finish it up.  We showered and had to throw out our briefs out.   We have done this many times when we were at tthat age.  We are still best friends.

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