After the Concert

I went out to see a Rush concert tonight, the first night of their tour in support of the new album.  Awesome show, enjoyed the hell out of it.  I sat nxt to a guy and his wife who were big Rush fans.  I sat next to the guy and chatted with him for most of the show.  He was fucking gorgeous!  He was wearing this pair of blue jeans that really showed off his ass quite well, and his t-shirt was snug enough to show his firm, yet small pecks and nicely sized nipples.  He was wearing glasses too, and had a tiny patch of grey hair at his left temple, but he still looked like he was no older than 30-33.  He had to move past me to get out for a bathroom break, and when he did, I wanted to grab hold of that ass as he went by.  I had some very naughty thoughts about him all throughout the show (and still having many many thoughts… lol).  I’d thought of leaning over and asking him if he went both ways, or was interested in doing so, but wasn’t sure if that was a good idea of not.  I would have unzipped his fly and went down on him right there in the arena… but alas… I digress. 

I also did some planning before I went, and wore a diaper with a pair of snug-fitting briefs over them to make sure it didn’t show, and so that it provided better protection for later.  I knew the concert would let out around 11pm, so around 5 when I got there to wait for the doors to open, I took 2 laxative tablets. 

I knew these would start hitting the hole around 6 hours after I took them, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t feel uncomfortable during the show, wasn’t interested in filling my pants at the show.  My plan was to have an uncontrolable accident in the car on my way home. 

As luck would have it, rt 101 was under construction, and only operating with one lane.  It took about an hour to get what normally takes 7 minutes to travel.  I wasn’t getting desperate enough, or at all, so I started giving pushes here and there to try and coax it along and get the urge to start.  I made it all the way through that traffic without a single urge to poop.  I didn’t want to just push it out, where would the fun be in that?

Not a big deal as 101 is only a part of my ride home, I still have 45 miutes to go after I get off 101.  I started going up 125 and got a good part of the way up there, but I was behind a big yellow bus, and my car was filling up with the desil smog, so I took a right to get on 155 which is a nice dark country road of a state route.  I wasn’t on that road for more than 3-4 minutes before I started getting cramps, and these weren’t from me pushing slightly to get the train roling, it just decided to leave the station all on it’s own, which is my favorite.  I had my butt pressed into the seat as I drove.  I could feel the contents of my lower intestine suddenly start draining toward my anus.

As soon as my waiting dump arrived at the door to knock, I just kept driving as I started squeezing my anus to try and hold on as long as I could.  I drove like that for maybe 15 seconds, when suddenly and without warning, I started pooping my pants!   The more I tried to stop it, the more I kept filling my pants.  It poured out of me so fast that I could feel it squish up behind my balls, filling every empty space.  I was enjoying the feel of my super soft shit forcing it’s way out of my ass, even though I had my ass clenched tightly, untill I felt a bunch of it go up the crack of my ass.  The diaper I had on was a mostly cloth depends which protect well, except for the inner pad stopped about 5 inches from the top on the back, so all that shit that squished up the crack of my ass was now soaking though into my pants and back of my shirt.

I was turned on and mortified all at once, mortified at the fact that I didn’t have another change of clothes with me, or proper cleaning supplies to deal with such an extreme mess.  I had filled my pants with a massive soft load, from crack to sack, and now had a massive wet spot on the back of my pants.  I also had to pee, so as I was driving to a rest stop with the porta-potty, I relaxed and pissed my diaper.  I wasn’t thinking of the fact that I had filled that diaper with some pretty soft, wet shit, and there wasn’t quite enough absorbing power left for a full piss.  I started pissing, and felt the diaper swell under my shorts, and then I felt all my piss flow around the sides of the diaper, soaking my pants in the process.  So now I’m thinking… now what?

The rest of the story isn’t much, and just consists of me trying to clean myself up, inspect the damage, all in near-complete darkness.  Not too much fun there, I had to feel around for the damage to my pants,  There was wetness and poop everywhere.  Of course, it took so much time to arrive at the rest area, so the wet poop had firmed up a bit so it all just slid right off the diaper and into toilet with a rather loud and heafty thud and spash.  I wish I could have seen the mess, or taken pictures or video, but the darkness just didn’t help any.

I got home and took a quick shower for my whole lower half as I was quite the mess, but only in how I smelled, but I didn’t have that much poop on me at all, since it was so wet, the laxative created a clear fluid that loosened it all, which made clean up way easier than I thought it would be.  I’ll have to do this again!

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  1. That was hot, man!

    What kind of condition were your car seats in? I’ve pooped on my way home from work a few times, even getting stuck on Route 495 at Route 3 on one occasion. That night I had quite the mess to clean up though!

  2. jcpp* Thanks man! My seats were fine, they’re leather, but they’re fine. I know 495 traffic… terrible!

    Earl* Thanks! I’m glad I didn’t do anything like that… It turns out I thought he looked familiar… he lives right near where I work. Ran into him and the wife today! How’s that for freaky?!

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