After Party Desperation

My ex girlfriend and i went to a party on a fairly cold night. We had a bit of alcohol but drank water for the rest of the night. We decided to leave when i was sober enough to drive. 

About 5 minutes into the trip my girlfriend said she had the sudden urge to pee. We drove around trying to find a toilet. We found a toilet at a public park. It was cold and dark so we ran to the toilets and found out the were locked between 10pm and 6 am.

We had no choice to go back to the car. By this point my girlfriend was busting to go and i started to get urges to pee as well. I told her we would have to wait until we got home. The trip home was about half an hour.

20 minutes through the trip home we were both desperate to go and couldn’t hold on much longer. I looked at my girlfriend and she said she was going to go any second now. Her face was bright red and she had tears in her eyes. 

25 minutes through the trip, i looked at her and she started holding her panties with great force, she was struggling to take her mini skirt off because of the seat belt. She took her seat belt off and got her mini skirt off as well. 

I looked down at her panties and they started to get wet with tiny drops of pee. She lets out a groan and said she was going to just let it go soon. I started to slow down to pull over but i was to late, pee gushed out and her panties just filled with pee. the pee then overflowed and dripped down the car seat. Her panties were ruined they were saturated. 
I then pulled over and she got out the car. I got out the car to go see her and she was covered i pee. She then came towards me and told me to get in the car and lay down on the back seat. So i did. She then got on top of me and shut the door. She told me to just pee on her, right here, right now. I just let my bladder go and peed all over her wet panties and her t shirt. My pants began to fill with hot pee that felt so good and made me so horny. She wiped her hands all over my pants and i rubbed my hand on her panties.
While i was rubbing my hands on her panties a felt a warm bulge form in her panties as well. She let out a big groan and did a big load in her panties. I felt the bulge of poop and squished it into her bum checks. She kept saying more ,more. i started to remove her panties and smear it all over her arse and thighs. When then switched positions so i was on top of her. She removed my pants so i just had my briefs on and she rubbed my briefs and but checks. I then decided to poop my briefs. She felt the briefs and looked horny as well. She smeared the load of poop on my arse and my abs as well.

We had the greatest night of our lives but she found a guy that was hotter than i was and she said he had better poops then i had. So i’m now on the search for a new girl just like her.

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    Why do teens do this???///???!!!?!?!?!?!!?

  2. Sorry to hear about loosing a kinky girl….Kinky companions that live close by are not that easy to find. Good Luck!

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